Gorgeous storage that ticks all your boxes!

Fancy a beautiful and practical piece of furniture in real wood veneer? Steve did, and this lovely cupboard is the result. Gorgeous storage indeed – stunning to look at, with the capacity to swallow heaps of stuff – and then some…

Jali bespoke radiator cover and real oak veneer cupboard And we were delighted to see that Steve has also designed a Jali radiator cover, so obviously has impeccable taste. Go Steve!

So if you too have bags and boxes bulging with items that desperately need a home of their own, this is what to do.

First, decide whether you just need more cupboard space, or if drawers on their own would be the best solution. You’ll find separate cupboards and drawer units on our products page. You can choose the width, depth and height of the unit, as well as the number and position of shelves or drawers. And you can opt for a piece with a plinth, as below, or without one.

Jali bespoke radiator cover and real oak veneer cupboard As for looks, cupboards and drawer units are available in oak or walnut real wood veneers, as well as primed or top-coated paint finishes.  So you really are spoilt for choice, which is just as it should be.

To make designing easier, there’s a very useful ‘Spacing’ button on the drawer unit Designer. Once you’ve put in your dimensions, just use the button to automatically create graduated drawers. Change the unit height and the drawer heights change in proportion – nifty!

Conventional drawers come as standard, but if you’d like soft-close versions, design and save your unit, then contact us for pricing information.

Jali bespoke radiator cover and real oak veneer cupboardIf you’d prefer a combination of cupboards and soft-close drawers, even shelving, use our brilliant dresser Designer to make your dream of deluxe storage come true. If you’re planning a media unit, you can specify cut-outs for cords and cables. And of course, you can easily ensure that your unit fits snugly into alcoves or against walls, for the ultimate in bespoke beauty.

So if you’d love a more organised autumn, try a little cupboard love; take a break from the sunny great outdoors this bank holiday weekend and get designing. Never mind just ticking those boxes – you’ll be able to take them to the recycling with a clear conscience and a happy heart: result!


Our new furniture showroom is now open!

At Jali we’ve been busy making ourselves some new furniture for our brand-new roomsets, in our totally-transformed showroom. Yes, we’ve taken our own advice and decluttered, designed and done ourselves proud (in a modest way, of course!)

Jali bespoke furniture in our showroomWe have some more changes up our sleeve, but the showroom is, in my humble opinion, a genuine show-stopper. Helen, our Operations Director, led the rest of the brilliant Jali team in the renovation but also got well stuck in herself with paintbrushes, rollers and a lot of hard graft.

Jali bespoke alcove unit in our showroomSo here’s a taste of what is waiting for you if you decide to pay us a visit – and we really hope you will. There is only so much photography can do to show how fabulous this furniture really is. I took these quick shots earlier this week, but a professional shoot is in the diary.

Jali bespoke Flexi shelving and shutters in our showroomNow it’s finished, the showroom is the perfect way to experience the full Jali effect; the quality, construction, appearance and overall impact of our products often takes people by surprise. (In fact, in the pre-makeover showroom, I remember a friend coming in after I’d recommended a visit, and her jaw literally dropped when she saw our furniture “for real”. She was so impressed she designed and ordered a large bookcase then and there.)

Contact us for the address, directions and to confirm opening times, which are normally Monday-Friday between 9 and 5.30, except for Bank Holidays and around Christmas. Have a look at at our products page, then bring your measurements with you and you too can design and order your very own pieces on the spot! We look forward to seeing you soon…


From messy to marvellous – a customer makes magic with Jali!

This week, I’d like to introduce you to a very clever customer, John. Not only has he found transformed an alcove using three different Jali products, he also sent us a detailed account of the process, complete with photos. It’s a journey from messy, cluttered dumping-ground to chic, stylish built-in storage, and he shows us exactly how it was done. What a star! Here’s the whole story in John’s own words – I’ve just added a few comments in square brackets.

20150116_101824_350Stage 1 – the alcove, still showing the outline of the old shelving – less than half the depth… the plinth at the bottom covers the heating pipes – that’s how they used to do it – or so I was told.

The old shelves just got filled up with books, dvds and various bits and pieces, such a mess that I never bothered to take a picture of all that clutter – but it finally had to go.

Overall size WxHxD is 4’ 10” x 7’6” x 18” deep (based on the plinth).

1. Cupboard, 4 doors, with an internal shelf (but one side is sacrificed to hold a small filing cabinet – that specified the height and depth of the cupboard)

2. Drawer unit 2 x 2 – wide drawers 27” wide by 7” high

3. Flexi shelving to fill up most of the rest of the space up to the ceiling – almost, left a gap for the coving, and somewhere to lose some odd bits and pieces would be handy.

Jali cupboard carcase goes inStage 2 – the carcase for the cupboards goes into place [above] – the shelf on the left hand side was ignored as this is where the filing cabinet is going to hide.

20150116_112207And another view [above], showing the box for the internet getting in the way – had to lift the carcase over this – and this is where you find out how heavy this stuff really is. ☹

[Yes, John did add that unsmiley face – I can understand why, but it also shows how well-made and high-quality our furniture is. I remember helping a friend to assemble a Jali bookcase – he was particularly surprised at how substantial the back was, unlike that of a bookcase from a well-known Scandinavian company, which he described as being “like a sheet of paper.” ☺ ]

Stage 3 – the carcase for the drawer unit goes in.

Jali drawer unit and cupboard carcaseMaybe I should have moved the sofa out of the way – and the mirror !

Jali drawer unit and cupboard carcaseDoors and drawers are all fitted in:

Jali cupboard and drawer unitYes – I know there’s a handle missing, this was replaced by post in a couple of days, the first one had a fault in the finishing. Thanks Jali for the speedy replacement. [You’re very welcome John! We do try to get replacements out as fast as we possibly can.]

20150116_151510Final step, add the Flexi-shelving:

20150116_163435_750And the map of the world (from my old office) has found a new home, very conveniently covering up the marks on the wall from the original shelving, which I had neglected to cover up.

And finally – the full completed article. The carpet was the next thing to go!

Jali cupboard, drawer unit and Flexi-shelvingThe End

[Well, what more can I say, except to thank John warmly for his time, effort and generosity in showing us what is possible with some inspiration, imagination and a dash of DIY derring-do. So what are we all waiting for – future Jali projects, here we come!]


Radiator covers – making it modern!

If you thought radiator covers were just for traditional room settings – think again! At Jali, we’re currently having a showroom makeover, and have just created radiator cabinets, plus some chic shutters, to finish a light, bright, modern room in appropriate, uncluttered style.

Jali bespoke radiator covers and decorative shuttersWith this front grille pattern, the Jali Designer gives you a choice of vertical or horizontal bars for your cover. And you can pick different styles for top and base, depending on the look you prefer. On our Radiator Cabinets page, no. D52825 has the same design as the cabinets in our photos (above and below), with a square-cut top vent and matching skirting at the base. Here’s a shortcut to this design; click the ‘Customise’ button to get going straight away!

Jali bespoke radiator coverHowever, using the Jali Designer you can easily change the square-cut base for one with curves – just use the ‘Skirting’ button. Now for the top vent: choosing an Ethnic or Classic upright on the Jali Designer will change the shape to one with curved ends, to echo the skirting at the base.

However, for a modern interior you may prefer plain uprights, but still want a curved vent. If so, just contact us and we’ll make the change at our end, then send you a drawing so you can see exactly what the final design will look like. The photo below shows a scooped top vent and skirting, plus the horizontal version of the grille:

Jali bespoke radiator cabinetAs well as looking great in contemporary interiors, this is a brilliant addition to Art Deco style schemes – just use the ‘Grille’ button in the Jali Designer to pick pattern 7692. And, of course, you can choose a top-coated finish (again, just contact us) as well as priming, oak or walnut veneer. And who would believe it was so simple: measure, design, order, assemble. Now there really is no excuse for a less-than-lovely room, whatever your style preference. Modern or moderne, 21st century or 1920s: too terribly chic, darlings – cheers!


Shelf control: how to maximise your storage space

Making the very best use of every inch of space: it’s what all of us super-keen storage seekers are looking for. Yes, we want our furniture to look good, but it’s what is on the inside that really counts. It’s the difference between “Meh…” and magnificent, something that is so much more than a compromise or a “second-best” answer to the problem.

Let’s face it, with ready-made furniture, you’re usually stuck with what the manufacturer has decided on. So the interior layout, the number and position of shelves and compartments, isn’t up to us, the customer, or necessarily suits our needs. There are, of course, units with adjustable shelves. But honestly, how many of us actually bother to change them, once we’ve loaded them up with books and other items?

2H8A0105a_750 But with Jali, it’s a whole different story. (Or space odyssey. But without the Neanderthals or the psychedelic special effects. Although we do have the robots… )

Jali bespoke cupboardOur brilliant online Designer lets you customise to your heart’s content. Your home and everything in it is unique, so why put up with storage that only comes in standard sizes?

For example, with our Flexi shelves, you can start with one of our design examples, then change all the sections and shelves to suit your display and storage needs exactly.

Measure your books, files and boxes, so you know they will fit. Add sections and shelves. Take them away again.

Change the height, width and depth. And you can take as long as you need to get it right, with no pushy salespeople or pressure on you to make a decision.

You can change the height and number of shelves in our cupboards and bookcases too. And as for our wonderful wardrobes, there’s a world of possibilities awaiting you, your tape-measure and your PC. So go for it. You won’t believe the difference it will make – just Jali, and a whole lot of shelf control, under your control…


Use fabulous fretwork for wonderful weddings!

front-summer-coverIt’s marriage season! And surely there is nothing to match the sumptuous spectacle and splendour of an Asian wedding.

 Khush is a luxury, UK-based Asian wedding magazine, providing inspiration, ideas and sources for everything needed for the perfect Big Day. When the editor was looking for backdrops for a bridal beauty feature recently, he came to Jali.

And our beautiful fretwork panels, in pattern 2172, did the job perfectly. The summer edition of the magazine is available online at www.khushmag.com but we’ve had a sneak preview of the results – and they’re gorgeous!

Khush magazine spread showing Jali fretworkAnd this is another double-page spread from the same issue:

Khush magazine spread showing Jali fretworkWedding designers are also using our fretwork to create arches and other decorative structures, to make this summer’s ceremonies even more special and memorable. One customer is using 10 panels of the design below, in pattern 2152, to create an outdoor arbour for a midsummer wedding:

Jali fretwork panel in pattern 2152As it’s just for one day (and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for balmy weather!) our moisture resistant MDF will be just fine outdoors. You could also use a similar structure inside, of course.

In fact, with all this talk of nuptials and customers ordering panels and telling us their plans, the Jali team has been playing around with more ideas for using fretwork. Amy suggests using a fretwork panel as an alternative either to a long tablecloth hiding the front of the top table or the kind of ruched or swagged ‘pelme’t effect that is often used by caterers. Think of the kind of ‘modesty panel’ you often find in office desks, but a lacy and decorative version. Add some tiny LED lights and flowers and it would look absolutely gorgeous…

Yes, at Jali we’re a bunch of romantics at heart. It’s lovely to play even a small part in people’s big events, so if you have an idea that you think we can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us



Dream bedroom furniture, for real life

Jali bespokje wardrobe and drawer unitIn turbulent times, a peaceful refuge from the fray begins to feel like a necessity, not a luxury. Whatever’s going on in the outside world (and, as I’m writing this, that’s quite a lot) it’s good to have a serene and soothing space to retreat to. Yes, we’re talking dream bedroom furniture here – but with a sound, practical side too.

Imagine somewhere designed to help you relax, make getting dressed a delight and, finally, recharge your batteries by sleeping like an angel…

Sounds inviting? Creating a calm but welcoming bedroom with lots of storage space and beautiful proportions is easier than you think. And with Jali, of course, you get all the advantages of bespoke, built-in (as above) or freestanding (as below) furniture without all the hassle and expense.

Jali bespoke drawer unitJali’s wardrobe Designer is a great place to start your bedroom transformation. Once you’ve worked out how much room you have, you can decide how many ‘boxes’ or sections you can include. Each ‘box’ can have a different combination of shelving, compartments and hanging space. And for extra-streamlined storage, you can also design drawer units, with standard drawers, to fit snugly inside the sections. (For soft-close drawers, please contact us for details.)

And don’t forget the Jali Designer lets you create wardrobes that are free-standing, fitted against a side wall or between two walls, or around an inside or outside corner. You can even design yours to go around three sides, by using separate adjoining wardrobe designs. However, do remember to allow enough room for the doors to open. A brilliant way to turn a spare room, if you’re lucky enough to have one, into a fabulous dressing room?

To go back to those doors,  it’s worth taking the trouble to make sure they will match up with your plans for the overall look of the finished room, as you will probably spend more time looking at them than at the inside (although our interiors are beautifully made too!). For a traditional look, doors can be inset (leaving an upright or ‘stile’ between them. Or they can be overlaid (like most modern kitchen cabinets). You’ll find lots more explanation and help in planning and designing on the wardrobe pages of our website.

The ideal height, width and depth for bedside drawers or chests? No problem. An end-of-bed storage unit? Ditto. Jali’s unique online design tools make it easy to achieve millimetre-perfect, stylish furniture. So make 2016 the year your dream bedroom – your beautiful, personal space, your refuge and sanctuary – becomes a reality. After all, it doesn’t look as though the times are going to get less interesting any time soon…



Get designing, and avoid those year–end queue blues!

We’re always amazed and thrilled to see what our clever customers are designing with Jali. Some of you launch several ambitious projects at the same time (go you!) and really impress us – not to mention friends and family – with what you achieve with our products.

I revealed a couple of great projects a while ago, but the same customer had another spectacular result to show us. And it’s this:

Jali bespoke cupboardA window seat with a secret: built-in storage accessed by the series of neat double doors on the front. So how was it done? Firstly, our customer designed a long, slender cupboard using the Jali Designer. It obviously needed to be of limited depth because of the shape of the window bay.

A semicircular wooden top was then fitted, with appropriate supports, against the wall and above the cupboard to provide a seat base. In this case, our customer provided his own, but you could design something similar using our custom MDF shapes.

Jali bespoke cupboardJali bespoke cupboards in alcove and as part of wndow seatIn the photo on the left you can see the end of the cupboard on the right, showing just how shallow its depth had to be to fit snugly into the semicircular bay.

This project, along with the others this customer has completed, shows really well what can be achieved with imagination, planning and the brilliant Jali design process.

So if this has given you ideas, and you think you can solve your own storage and design problems with Jali, it’s time to get cracking.

We do get very busy towards the end of the year, so why not use these longer, lighter days for thinking, planning, designing and ordering?

You’ll jump those annoying end-of-year queues that often mean longer waiting times for manufacture and delivery.

And you’ll feel organised, in control and fully prepared to welcome visitors for the festivities – and to receive all those compliments on your cleverness and great taste!



Decorative shutters, as seen on TV…

We didn’t know quite what to expect. Yes, we knew some of our decorative shutters would feature on last week’s episode of George Clarke’s Old House, New Home on Channel 4. If you missed it, it’s Episode 4, Leicester and Brixton, and available here. After all, we’d made them to order for the programme. But the production company had, cannily, kept all the other details under wraps, so we had no idea how or where they would be used.

George Clarke's Old House, New Home, Channel 4So we watched the show on tenterhooks – we prefer them to chairs – but boy, were we delighted! Our shutters, used in a Victorian terrace in Brixton, looked fabulous, the “Before’ and “After’ footage was a genuinely amazing contrast, and there was lots of inspiration for those of us living in older properties.

Jali bespoke shutters in George Clarke's Old House, New Home, Channel 4The production is following homeowners across the country, helping them re-design the interiors of their period homes to create contemporary spaces with a real “Wow” factor, whilst incorporating key elements of the original style. George Clarke is advising them on everything from fireplaces to fabrics and flooring to furniture.

Jali bespoke shutters in George Clarke's Old House, New Home, Channel 4The production team’s aim is “to dazzle both the homeowner and the viewers with inspirational interiors”. No need for tenterhooks in your case, people – I think you’ve done us all proud… And please let us know if you need some Jali makeover magic in the future…


If rain stops play, cover those radiators!

We may be obsessed with the weather in the UK, but can you blame us? This summer, it certainly seems as if AWOL really stands for AnyWhere Outdoors Leaks… But if unseasonal rain has put paid to your plans for beach, barbecue, park or garden, we have a suggestion.

Fish (sorry!) out your tape-measure and design yourself some lovely covers for your radiators. This will make you feel a) virtuous right here and now and b) very happy when winter “officially” begins, and your radiators are more effective and a stylish addition to your décor. Now, “smug” is a word I normally shy away from, but I think a smidgeon of self-congratulation would be entirely justified in these circumstances…
Jali bespoke radiator coverThere are other reasons why now is the ideal time for some home-based activity. For one thing, decluttering, often a necessary preparation for a refurbishment, seems less daunting and difficult in the summer months. For one thing, there’s literally more light on the subject, and if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, it can provide useful extra space for organising and bin-bag packing. (Just watch out for those sharp showers the Met Office is always warning us about.)

I have an unpolished oak kitchen table, made in Dublin in the1920s or ’30s, that needs a new coat of chalk paint this year. (Someone who shall be nameless decided it was an ideal surface on which to do some soldering. ‘Nuff said.) The original application (of paint, not solder) was so much easier in the garden, so that’s another weekend job destined for the great outdoors.

Being able to have doors and windows open is a great asset too; ventilation is better and drying time for paints and varnishes applied indoors is shorter in the summer months.
Jali bespoke radiator cabinetAnd it’s also the ideal time to design and assemble all kinds of Jali products.

Many customers decide to order new furniture from us in the final months of the year, in anticipation of friends and family arriving for the festive season.

Unfortunately that may mean longer waiting-times for manufacture and delivery. So be summer savvy, and get designing ahead of the pack. Sorry, did someone utter the “smug” word again?

Finally, don’t miss next week’s episode of George Clarke’s Old House, New Home, to be shown on Tuesday 28 June on Channel 4 at 8pm. Some of our elegant decorative shutters will feature in the latest makeover. Even we don’t know what the final result looks like – we can’t wait!