Freshen up your storage – and still feel flush!

With a little DIY know-how and a Jali bespoke cupboard, you can easily create the kind of luxurious storage / vanity unit (below) featured in Ideal Home magazine a while back, and currently shown on the housetohome website here.

Jali bespoke cupboards for Ideal Home bathroomFollow the lead of Ideal Home‘s stylist and create a unit to your own measurements on our website, To get this style, you would choose a cupboard with plinth (you can change the plinth style and height in the Jali Designer, but there is also the option of omitting it altogether).

Then decide on the number of sections; depending on the overall length of your unit and your storage needs, you can choose one, two or three. Customising your cupboard with the clever Jali Designer also gives you a choice of height, length and depth, as well as the style of uprights, doors and skirting, and the number and position of shelves. In addition, your storage unit can also be  freestanding or fit flush to the walls on both sides or only to the left or right. Phew!

Jali bespoke cupboard with plinthTo fit the vanity unit with basins and the necessary plumbing, you’ll need to cut holes of a suitable size in the top board of the cupboard. If you need holes cut in the back, we can do this for you.

To save you time and trouble we can prime the unit for you here at Jali, but you’ll need to apply an appropriate finish.

We’ve seen for ourselves the brilliant results that stylists, interior designers and customers with only basic DIY skills have had with our products. So we are confident that you’ll find something in our range that will improve your storage, transform your home and make it work better than you could imagine.

Giving everyone the chance to enjoy beautiful, made-to-measure joinery and cabinetry at affordable prices – that’s the mission of all of us at Jali! Do contact us if you have any questions; we’ll be delighted to discuss your ideas!


Folding screens and shutters – enchanting and SO easy!

Folding screens and decorative shutters from Jali are enchanting, elegant and so easy to design and use! With its stunning patterns and crisp detailing and edges, our signature fretwork makes these products winners all round. They look particularly lovely in patterns 2082 and 2152. And you can have actual stars in pattern 7662!

Jali 2-leaf folding screen in Jali topcoat no 19These products are practical too. What better way to disguise a cluttered corner or create a temporary partition or room divider, than an elegant and decorative folding screen?

Originating in China, folding screens have long been popular as room dividers.

We know that French fashion designer Coco Chanel was an avid collector of Chinese folding screens, especially the lacquered Coromandel versions; she is said to have had 32 of them, eight of which were housed in her apartment at 31 rue Cambon in Paris.

Personally I’m a fan of our Chinese-style pattern, no. 2172, which looks gorgeous in Jali paint colour no. 19; a customer recently designed this two-leaf screen (above), in pattern 2082 and specified a topcoat in just this shade. Contact us for more information on this new painting service.

You can easily design your own unique screens with between two and five leaves on the Jali website here. You can choose the fretwork pattern, the design of the top and the base, plus the number, height and width of the leaves. Change the measurements, and you’ll see how the pattern changes as it automatically adapts to them. So you know exactly what the finished product will look like – Jali genius! Our screens fold up flat, so take up very little room when not in use. They also have special hinges that allow the leaves to fold in either direction, for maximum flexibility.

There’s a good reason why there always seems to be a screen in on-screen (sorry!) theatrical dressing rooms; they preserved a star’s modesty when changing, granted, but there was also an extra frisson when garments, in varying grades of flimsiness, were thrown over them in the course of a quick costume change…

Jali 4-leaf white folding screenThere’s still a place for folding screens today, when dressing-up (or down!) – they’re ideal for open-plan living spaces and would be perfect near a freestanding bath, for example, or to create a boudoir-type space in a bedroom… And if you’d prefer a screen with solid leaves, we can do that too! It would be a perfect background for painting or applying découpage, for a beautiful vintage vibe…

Jali decorative shuttersOur lovely decorative shutters (above) are also simple to design, and take the idea of window dressing to a whole new level. It’s amazing what you can achieve with Jali: DIY has never been so easy – and rewarding!


The joy of custom-made furniture: utility rooms!

Period Ideas magazine recently called the Jali team “innovative designers” and encouraged readers to “discover the joy of custom-made furniture.” Which was great. But we think our customers are truly the innovative designers, as they are the ones who use our online design tool to easily create unique, made-to-measure pieces just for their spaces.

As if to prove the point, in the same week two sets of customers sent in photos to show exactly how their custom-made furniture from Jali had transformed their spaces – and brought joy into their lives.

Angela and David run the amazing Bratton View Bed and Breakfast in Devon, which is reopening on 1 March 2015 after a temporary closure, much to the joy of its many fans. The website is and the B&B has 100% positive reviews on Tripadvisor for every category!

Jali bespoke cupboads, doors and Shaker peg railsAngela has used the Jali Designer for lots of projects, including the refurbishment of a lobby and kitchen.

In the lobby, (right) she wanted to hide away a fridge and a freezer, as well as cleaning materials. Angela also needed storage on the wall above the worktop.

We cut ventilation holes in the bottom of the Jali doors that Angela designed for the existing floor-standing unit; they arrived with hinges, handles and a topcoat in Angela’s choice of the new Jali paint colours (contact us for details).

Jali bespoke cupboards, doors and Shaker peg railsThe cupboards were also top-coated and Angela ordered a set of our new Shaker peg rails for extra hanging space and to finish off her new, chic lobby space.

Angela is delighted with the results, especially with what she calls her “BOGOF” (Buy One, Get One Free) cupboards, where she can now store extra supplies of baked beans and tinned tomatoes without cluttering up the kitchen..

Speaking of which, we’ll reveal her kitchen makeover in a future post…

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the country Jali customer Margaret has used several of our products to transform a utility space/seating area into a really welcoming part of the house.

Jali bespoke doors and cupboards for utility room Like Angela, Margaret wanted to hide away her white goods, so all her big appliances are now neatly behind the Jali Shaker-style doors at the base of the end unit (left), but still easily accessible.

The base unit itself is actually a Jali radiator cabinet without a front panel, as it needed to be 650mm deep with no inner sections or shelves, in order to house the white goods. Margaret ordered six Jali doors for the front of the unit and we provided two extra uprights to attach them to. There is plenty of additional storage in the wall cupboards above, which have fretwork doors in pattern 2082. Jali bespoke radiator cabinet and bookcase

Jali bespoke radiator cabinet and bookcaseAngela and Margaret have also used our versatile MDF shapes to add worktops, backs and other elements to finish off their schemes.

The Jali team is always very happy to give advice and, if appropriate, tweak your designs so they give the best possible outcome – without breaking the bank!

It’s always great to discover what our clever customers have achieved, so if you have a similar success story, we’d love to hear from you. And if this has got you itching to transform an underused, unlovely part of your home, head on over to – Doing It Yourself has never been so rewarding!


New Year, new space… for everything!

Need space for all the gifts, gadgets and gewgaws that have taken over the house over Christmas? Fed up with the way it all looks, now the decorations are down? Fear not: Jali has the answer!

You know that feeling when the tree comes down, the cards are in the recycling bin and the decorations packed away? With all the sparkle and extra colour of Christmas gone, our homes can suddenly look a bit sad and dreary, just at the time of year when we need it least. And if there’s also a lot of extra stuff taking up space and your budget has the post-Christmas blues… oh dear.

Jali bespoke cupboard with drawersFear not: Jali has the answer. And at a price that won’t make you throw your toys out of the pram! So with New Year’s Resolutions still in the air, and the Jali team here to help, why not start a transformation on the domestic front?

1. Grab a tape-measure, notebook and pencil, and  have a really good look round your house, flat or office.

2. Try to imagine that you’re a visitor, seeing it for the very first time. Are you really using all the wall and floor-space in each room to its best advantage? Does everything have to be in its current position? Or would moving – or removing – something free up new space to add to the existing area, so you could design something that would look better and be far more useful than what’s currently there?

3. Remember to look up as well as along. Most Jali units can be up to 3 metres in height as well as width, giving your possibilities a massive lift!

4. Jot down ideas and rough measurements as you go (and before you forget!). To help you budget, the Jali Designer will give you a very good idea of how much each unit would cost, including VAT (delivery to most of the UK is free). You can then save your designs in ‘Work in Progress’ and finalise measurements etc when you’re ready.

5. Be inspired – use interiors magazines and websites, Pinterest and our own Jali image library to give you ideas.

6. Take full advantage of the freedom Jali gives you to create furniture that uses ALL the room you have, even awkward corners and areas that no high-street items will fit into. Conventional furniture comes in limited sizes – buildings, people and lifestyles don’t!

7. As well as using every last millimetre of space, our unique options for designing freestanding and side-fitting units (left-hand, right-hand or both sides) ensure a superb result at far less than you’d expect for furniture of this quality.

Jali bespoke wardrobe with drawers8. Combine cupboards, shelving and drawer units to maximise storage and display, and make any room look fabulous. The smartest, easiest way to create a combined unit is to use our new dresser designer, not yet on our website but available at the exclusive link here. It also includes the option of soft-close drawers.

9. To add the final, professional touch, we now offer a top-coating service as well as priming. For more details, contact us via the website or call us on 01227 833333.

With the brilliant Jali online Designer and at your own pace, you can create furniture to fit your available space exactly, so every last millimetre works its hardest for you. It means you can store or display all your essentials and treasures, new and old, in a way that suits your taste – and space – exactly, and at an unbeatable price. Now if that isn’t a blueprint for a Happy New Year, we don’t know what is!

Have a brilliant 2015,