Clear away the clutter – and get your home back!

Clutter – a bane of modern life and something many of us seem to spend half our own lives fighting. My favourite definition of clutter is “a lot of objects in a state of being untidy”; it sums up the sheer number of items in our homes, plus the fact that they’re very often in the wrong place. (Although “in a state of being untidy” could apply equally to some of the people I love best…)

Jali bespoke bookcase in a mint green paint finishBut back to objects, things, you know – “stuff”. It lies around, being untidy, getting in the way, making us feel dissatisfied, lazy and guilty. (Or is that just me?) People have built successful careers and businesses helping folk like me curb our enthusiasm for acquiring stuff, or encouraging us to let it go once we’ve given it house-room. But it’s all very well decluttering experts like Marie Kondo saying “Never keep anything you don’t use or love”; I use and love all my vintage bags, frocks, gloves, 50s costume  jewelry, etc. They just takes up a heck of a lot of space, is all.

Which is where Jali comes in. The brilliant thing about our fine furniture is the way it can make the utmost of all your space. Every last millimetre. With an almost infinite choice of drawers, shelves and cupboards (there’s a brilliant way of combining all three with our luxury online designer available here). And it looks fabulous. Interiors expert Vanessa Holden says “Don’t think about storage and design as two separate ideas when they should really be thought of together. Storage doesn’t have to be utilitarian  – you can have great storage and interesting design in one.” Add in the made-to-measure aspect, plus around two weeks from order to (usually free) delivery, and she’s pretty much described Jali.

The Good Housekeeping magazine article in which I found Marie and Vanessa’s advice (Feb 2015) also says, to get on top of clutter, “Don’t just rearrange the things you don’t need”, which when you think about it is sound advice. Like many of us, I do hang on to things I don’t actually require; at least, not in the immediate future. But I’m making a huge effort to ditch/recycle/move on the stuff that really isn’t earning its keep, or isn’t genuinely precious for sentimental reasons.

Jali bespoke white Flexi shelvesFinally, I’m going to try one of Marie Kondo’s practical tips for saving space. She says “I now fold as many clothes as possible and store them on shelves. You can fit 20 to 40 pieces of folded clothing in the space required to hang 10. Fold each item into a neat rectangle and stand it up rather than laying it flat. You can see garments at a glance, like the spines of books.” Worth a go, I’d say. And if you need the shelves, well, you know where to come for those…


Shelve your storage problems – in style!

A home can never have too much storage – it’s the law! With Jali‘s brilliant online design tools, you can put shelving for absolutely anything, almost anywhere. In fact, you could say that being on the shelf has never been so desirable… With our help, you can shelve your storage problems for good, save money and make your home look wonderful, all in a few simple steps.

Jali bespoke white dresser and bookcase As well as our bookcases and Flexi shelving, we’ve got a new, online luxury furniture designer, available at the exclusive link here. This makes it easy to combine shelf-space with cupboards and soft-close drawers, to create elegant units, like the one below, that solve all your storage problems, in style. And because you are buying directly from us, the manufacturers, you’ll definitely save money; as we don’t have middlemen or retail costs, we don’t pass those costs onto you. Sweet!

Jali bespoke white dresser in alcoveWe can also make you happy by providing a top-coat for most of the Jali products you buy. Less fuss, mess and hassle all round, and it means your furniture will be ready to use, and enjoy, that much faster. Now if that isn’t a good reason to fall in love with Jali, I don’t know what is…


Cute kitchens and cupboard love, from Jali!

With a Jali made-to-measure bookcase, cupboard and shelf unit and Shaker peg-rail, our clever customer Angela has done it again! Having appeared in a previous Jali blog on utility rooms, Angela then kindly sent us photos of her kitchen before and after the makeover magic.  So we can now bring it to you in all its glory…

This was Angela’s kitchen, complete with Angela’s Ancient Aga:

Angela's kitchen BJ (before Jali!)

Angela’s kitchen BJ (before Jali!)

I think it’s fair to say that Angela was not a great fan of this particular Aga, so its replacement with a bespoke shelving unit – actually a Jali bookcase without a plinth – was a huge improvement. And it was also “goodbye” to the wooden plate-rack and cupboards and “hallo” to a chic, asymmetrical Jali cupboard and shelf wall unit, created with our new luxury dresser designer which is only available here.

Finally, Angela ordered one of our gorgeous Shaker peg-rails, which she fixed under the cupboard unit to hang mugs on. It also takes the place of a batten, providing extra safety and stability for the wall unit and making installation easier.

Jali bespoke kitchen unit, bookcase and Shaker peg railHere’s another view of the kitchen, AJ (after Jali):

Jali bespoke kitchen units and Shaker peg railAs you can tell, the view from the kitchen is also magnificent – Angela and David live in breathtaking countryside near the North Devon coast. They offer bed and breakfast  accommodation in a separate apartment at their home, Bratton View (the clue is in the name), but this is no ordinary B&B: it has 100% positive reviews on Tripadvisor for every category!

To the delight of its multitude of fans, Bratton View is reopening on 1 March 2015. You’ll find more information and contact details at – I want to stay there later in the year, if I can still get a booking…

Jali bespoke flexi shelves and MDF shapesAngela told me she was also delighted that she’d been able to, in her words “spruce up the annexe kitchen a bit without spending too much money”, using our versatile Flexi shelving and MDF custom shapes (left).

It’s true – our furniture is incredibly good value and the final results are amazing. Our canny customers prove time and again that, with a bit of imagination and adaptation, you can furnish the whole house (including annexes!) with brilliant, practical storage that also looks great – without spending a fortune.

What will you do with Jali to get your home looking and working better? We’d love to hear your stories and see your photos. And if you need advice and information on any of our products, check out our website, email us at or call us on 01227 833333 – we’re always happy to help!



Radiator cabinets made simple – a Jali step by step guide!

We were recently asked by Your Home magazine to show how easy it is for anyone to assemble radiator cabinets. As expert manufacturers of easy-to-assemble furniture products, how could we resist? So here, featuring Jenny from Jali, is our own version of Your Home‘s latest ‘Girls’ Guide to DIY’, Jali-style…

Bespoke Jali radiator cabinet kit with packaging1. Before you begin, read through the instructions carefully. Jali’s instructions are as unique and bespoke as your radiator cabinet, because they are produced just for your cabinet, at the same time as your kit of parts is made. So the instructions will literally have your name on them; it will show your cabinet, with its components and fixings, and not just a generic diagram and list.

Now lay all the parts on the floor so you can check and identify them (Jali’s cardboard packaging is ideal for protecting floors or carpets). You’ll also need a Pozidrive screwdriver, and a power drill with a screwdriver attachment will make it easier to insert the bolts. You can also make the cabinet into a permanent structure by using woodglue as you put it together.

Jali bespoke radiator cabinet cam and bolt fixings2. Insert the cam and bolt fixings (above), then join the side panels to the panel supports (below).

Assembling a Jali bespoke radiator cabinet3. Fit the magnetic catches to the underside of the top (below), using the screws provided. Your Jali kit will have pre-drilled holes to make this easier. Attach the back strut between the side panels.

Fitting magnetic catches to the underneath of a Jali radiator cabinet top4. Turn the top board upside-down (holes upwards) and fit the sides and upright to it. You may need an extra pair of hands to keep the unit steady while you do this.

Attaching skirtings on a bespoke Jali radiator cabinet5. You can now fit the front and side skirting to the uprights using the dowels provided (wood or plastic). You can do this either with the radiator cabinet upside down (as above) or upright. Take care when turning the cabinet over. Be aware that the dowels may fit fairly loosely – this is to allow some adjustment if you have an uneven floor surface.

Fixing side skirting to a Jali bespoke rdiator cabinet6. After you’ve assembled the whole cabinet (you may need to scribe the side skirting pieces to ensure they fit snugly against the skirting board of your room), glue the skirting in place to secure it.

Jali bespoke radiator cabinet showing grille being inserted7. Now insert the front panel and grille; the metal plates at the top of the panel should line up to the magnetic catches on the top board. Once you’re happy with the assembly, you can paint the cabinet (if you haven’t opted for a Jali topcoat) and fix it to the wall through the back strut. You’ll find helpful videos on assembling a Jali cabinet and painting a radiator cabinet grille on our website here.

8. Stand back and admire! You’ve just joined our Jali radiator cabinets gang, a happy (and thrifty) bunch who have transformed our ugly radiators into things of beauty, with the minimum of equipment, effort and cost. And all thanks to Jali!