Get hooked… on our fabulous Shaker peg rails!

Ah, housework – the ‘gift’ that just keeps on giving. Or rather, taking: time, energy, the cost of cleaning products and appliances… So it seems doubly unfair that, having expended so much effort on a big clean, it will all need to be done again, and much sooner than seems fair or reasonable.

Bespoke Jali Shaker peg railsLuckily, Jali has the products to take the pain and strain out of keeping your domain in order. Take our Shaker peg rails: super-quick and easy to design and install and SO useful. They are made to measure to give you hanging space wherever you need it, at a great price and with real style. Keeping as much stuff as possible off floors, chairs and other surfaces makes cleaning a room so much easier. And reducing clutter makes a big difference to everyone’s sanity and well-being…

Jali custom made Shaker peg rail with hatsPut our peg rails in the hall close to the floor, so the little ones can hang up their own outdoor things, just like the grownups. Fix them higher up so the adults can keep all their coats, hats and brollies tidy and ready for action.

Our peg rails are also ideal in kids’ bedrooms for hanging up clothes or for holding bags they can stash toys or other treasures in. In the bathroom they are perfect for towels, dressing gowns and PJs; no more excuses for floors strewn with soggy bathsheets and discarded garments! And in the kitchen, they make really practical batterie de cuisine-type storage for pans, utensils and other kitchenalia. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless, anywhere in the house…

With the clever Jali online system, you can design your own unique peg rails to any length up to a maximum of 3 metres and to a height of 75mm to 300mm. There are two sizes of solid beechwood pegs: 117mm long with a head diameter of 31mm, or 56mm long with a head diameter of 19mm. These can either be varnished or painted.

Jali custom made Shaker peg rails: one of several style options There’s also a choice of end shapes, or you can join the rails together to wrap around two or more sides of a room. And to ensure that they match a range of interior schemes, rails can have bevels as well as engraved lines and beads.

The Jali Designer will automatically choose the number of pegs based on the length of the rail – but you can change this to whatever suits you. I recently spotted a great idea on here – two sets of rails, one above the other, with the pegs alternating top and bottom, so longer items on the top rail, such as bath towels, can hang down between the pegs on the lower rail. Clever stuff – and really easy to do it yourself on the Designer!

Jali bespoke Shaker peg rails in hallwayThe rails themselves come in natural mdf which you can paint to complement any colour scheme.

We think the contrast between painted rails and the natural wood of the pegs is particularly effective, and gives a gorgeous Scandinavian-influenced look. Combine it with a painted Jali cupboard with a real wood veneer top (as in our photo, left) and you have a winning combination.

So give yourself and your home an affordable treat this summer with some new Shaker peg rails. Just click on the ‘Customise’ link under the images to get started, and look forward to an addition to the family that will also help to keep everybody organised… beautifully!


Why radiators should go under cover!

Looking for a quick, cost-effective way to smarten up a room this summer? Just add one (or more) of our radiator cabinets! The first products to be made by Jali over twenty years ago, they are the stars of our furniture range and still our best-selling line.

Jali bespoke radiator cabinet (left): photo by David Merewether

Photo by David Merewether

A Jali radiator cover will give the perfect finishing touch to any room, hiding ugly heating components while increasing their efficiency.

Although they’re essential for comfort, modern radiators can really spoil the look of a period home. In fact, they can jar in a contemporary interior too…

Jali bespoke radiator cabinet: photo by David Merewether

Photo by David Merewether


Of course, it is possible to buy pre-made radiator covers in standard sizes.

But we’ve always believed (and our customers tell us) that the quality of our cabinets and our stylish designs are far superior to all the off-the-shelf alternatives you can get elsewhere.

Here’s why we think so:

1. It really is made just for you. The state-of-the-art production line in our factory (near Canterbury in Kent) tailors your order to the exact size you want, down to a fraction of an inch.

This is perfect for covering any storage heater or radiator, especially ones in corners, close to doors or in tight alcoves. (And it’s not just radiator covers: we make everything in exactly the same way so they’ll fit anywhere.)

2. We cut out the cost of middlemen and expensive home visits by installers `- our radiator covers are easy to design online, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

3. Your cabinet arrives in a convenient kit, with personalised instructions and all the fixings supplied. And our covers are really simple to assemble and fit.

4. We’re very proud of the quality and finish of our products, and the value for money they represent. As with all Jali furniture, our radiator cabinets are precision engineered to give you years of service – and pleasure! You can even replace the grilles to suit any changes in taste and décor…


Jali fretwork stars… in World of Interiors!

At Jali we’re perhaps best-known for our custom-made radiator cabinets. They’re very good-looking, with our signature fretwork providing removable and heat-circulating front grilles, as well as giving them a unique look that really finishes off a room.

Jali bespoke fretwork panel in pattern 7662Now our fretwork has a starring role all of its own, in the June issue of World of Interiors. One of the houses featured in the magazine belongs to Spanish artist Ana Corberó, whose interiors are a riot of colour and pattern.

Cut-out stars abound on Ana’s cupboard doors, says the magazine: to get a similar look, it suggests turning to Jali for doors, decorative screens and radiator covers. Unsurprisingly, we couldn’t agree more!

The fact is, you can use our crisply cut, beautifully figured fretwork in so many ways, including:

And our range of patterns, from simple trellis to ornate flower-based designs, means you can easily find a style that matches, or chimes with, all kinds of décor.

Take period interiors. It’s often difficult – and expensive – to ensure that modern features, like radiators, don’t jar with, say, a Victorian setting.

Our quatrefoil design (right) comes in two sizes, 7662 and 7652, and is perfect for creating a mid-19th century, Gothic Revival effect that Augustus Pugin himself would have been proud of. And at very reasonable cost too.

We also offer designs influenced by other countries and cultures; for example, geometric style 2172, inspired by carvings found in a Moroccan mosque, is ideal for the currently fashionable Fusion look.

Some years ago, we even made screens from this fretwork for the set of Topsy-Turvy, Mike Leigh’s film about Gilbert and Sullivan. (Timothy Spall, who plays the Mikado (below) certainly seems to be smitten by them. Or by something.) So 2172 is also good for creating a Japanese/Chinese feel, without paying an emperor’s ransom …

Jali fretwork screens for Topsy-Turvy (1999)The star pattern used by World of Interiors is no. 7662. And we can now provide this and all our other fretwork either primed ready for painting, top-coated or veneered in real oak or walnut.

Finally, don’t forget that our radiator cabinets are also brilliant for storage heaters too. You can even use them to disguise electricity and gas meters, or other unsightly but essential things that make houses work as they should. Because, although interior design is a lovely thing, our modern comforts are also important to us, and few of us really want to live in a museum. Fortunately, Jali is here to ensure we can have the best of both worlds.


Solid (slab) doors now online at Jali!

We’re very grateful to our ezine reader Sally, who contacted us to ask where she could find the doors featured in the picture (below). Solid doors were already an option on our new luxury dresser, sideboard and wall unit designer, available at the link here, but, thanks to Sally, we realised that they weren’t actually available on the ‘Doors’ section on the Jali website. Whoops. And we’re sorry if you’ve spent time looking for them there.

Jali bespoke doorsWell, Sally, and everyone else who prefers solid – or ‘slab’ doors, as they’re also known – you can now have your wish, as our lovely designer Jim has added them to the mix!

To design your doors, go the the ‘Doors’ page of our website or use the link here. Then just click on the ‘Customise’ link on Design  (top row, far left). This will open the Jali Designer. Click on the ‘Grille’ button, select ‘Solid’, and you’re done!

This style of door is ideal for creating a sleek and totally contemporary look. You can add holes, on either side, recessed for concealed hinges, at the exact position you need to fit on existing carcasses or for new installations. Easy, economical and so effective…


How to turn a wall into a stunning wall unit!

It’s always a huge pleasure to see Jali furniture in its proper place – in the homes of the people who actually designed and assembled it! It’s lovely to hear how proud it’s made them and the difference it’s making to their houses and their lives. For example, Jali customer Peter kindly sent us photos of his amazing new storage/display/media unit created with our online dresser designer here.

Jali wide bespoke wall unitWhen he came to us, Peter asked for a unit nearly four and a half metres long. The maximum width for single units of Jali furniture is normally 3 metres, but our brilliant designer Jim found a way to give Peter exactly what he wanted. Jim helped Peter create three units of 1417mm each to butt up against each other, tied together by fluted uprights. The skirting and the top board were made in two sections, meeting where sections 2 and 3 of the unit join together.

wide Jali dresser: drawing 1To allow for the recessed lighting Peter was planning to install under the top board, it was made 400mm deep so it projects far enough in front of the shelves.

One of the great things about the new Jali luxury online dresser designer is its versatility – Peter could have added soft-close drawers, or divided the space in the centre to fit a TV, or changed the height and depth of his shelves and cupboards. The smart choice of fretwork panels for the centre doors means a remote control will work on the equipment inside even when the cupboard is closed.

wide Jali dresser: drawing 2Finally, there’s a way to design furniture that perfectly suits your room, with enough shelves, cupboards and drawers to cope with all your storage and display needs for years to come. So if you’ve hit a wall, as it were, when trying to answer the question of where to put everything, your woes are at an end.

Measure up, have a play on the new dresser designer here and turn that blank, unused space into a sleek star of shelf, screen and storage, the Jali way!


Spruce up your home, with replacement doors you’ll adore…

Hey, it’s May, and what better time to smarten up your home with Jali’s brilliant, custom-made replacement doors? There are other ways of making an impact, but off the top of my head I can’t think of a more effective, economical and sustainable way to change the whole look of a room…

Jali bespoke cupboard with fretwork doorAnd it’s really easy to do. especially when when the sun starts to peer in and show up the wear-and-tear of those long dark winter months. When the ‘shabby’ starts to massively overtake the ‘chic’, you know it’s definitely time for action!

Jali doors are simple to design and order on the Jali website. There’s a huge choice of styles and finishes, and your doors won’t take months to arrive – they are made to your exact specifications and usually delivered within two weeks. They take minutes to fix into place and cost a fraction of what you’d pay for a total refit. Far too often, entire kitchens are ripped out and replaced, when the carcasses are perfectly sound and replacing the cupboard doors would be a much more responsible – and cheaper – alternative.

Jali bespoke doorsUltra modern, ornate, Shaker style, painted, or veneered in real oak or walnut: the choice is all yours. From fretwork doors ideal for use on TV/media centres and wardrobes, to Shaker style panels for cupboards and dressers, our doors will give a whole new lease of life to existing but tired furniture, or your latest vintage finds. You can even use them to make an instant cupboard over an alcove or awkward space. Your doors can have one or more recessed panels, each designed to a specific size. And with the wide choice of gorgeous Jali fretwork you can design unique and fabulous features with real ‘interior design’ flair…

Our doors are made from 18mm MDF with 6mm inset panels or grilles. Although we don’t supply the hinges themselves, we can drill hinge holes for you and even recess them for concealed hinges (of the sort commonly found in kitchen cabinet doors). On the Jali Designer, you can change the size and position of the holes to match the hinges you’ll be using. You’ll find more detailed information on our website here.

So open the door to a whole new look and feel; with minimal DIY skills needed, let alone a big bank balance. We feel sure you’re going to (ahem) adore it…