Styled to perfection, with a wardrobe from Jali!

Everybody needs a wardrobe. Well, apart from the Yanomamo people of the Amazon Basin, as they don’t actually wear clothes. And possibly not hermits, whose need for a frequent change of attire is, by definition, quite limited. Although somewhere to hang a spare cloak might be useful on occasion…

Jali bespoke wardrobeFor the rest of us, a wardrobe designed just for our space and needs can make a huge difference. Yes, it needs to look good on the outside – and Jali wardrobes certainly do. When it comes to picking a style, you have heaps of choice, from exotically decorative to minimalist, to suit any taste. Wardrobes can be freestanding or fitted against a side wall or between two walls. They can go round an inside or an outside corner, or even around three sides of a room – you can use separate adjoining wardrobe designs to achieve this, on the free online Jali Designer. There is also a choice of inset or overlay doors, as well as primed, painted or veneered finishes.

But inside is where the real magic happens. You can have single or double hanging rails, shelves, dividers and drawers, all chosen and positioned by you to use your available space in the most efficient way. Long and short, skirts, shirts, shoes, hats, bags, ties and jackets – you can work out exactly what will go where and make it all fit perfectly. If the depth of your wardrobe is limited, you can even have face-on rails.

The real beauty of the Jali modular wardrobe system is that you configure the number, size and position of all the units and components, to create unique storage that’s perfect for you and the way you live. Having the right size and arrangement of storage space, especially in the bedroom, can make a huge difference to daily life. For example, freshly ironed clothes don’t get crushed, and you can see exactly what you’ve got and what it will go with.

Having room for everything, with no space wasted, means a tidier bedroom (and fewer excuses for mess!), a streamlined look and a lot less stress all round. So if getting ready is currently more panic than pleasure in your home, we’re here to help.

Bespoke soft-close drawers inside a Jali wardrobeYou can provide even more storage space with matching Jali cupboards, drawer units and shelving. And we can now supply soft-close drawers for units like the one shown on the left. This is an internal unit designed to fit exactly inside a wardrobe section, and the drawers can be graduated, as shown here, or evenly spaced. Contact us to check whether the soft-close option would be suitable for the drawer units you have in mind.

So, to turn a muddle into a marvel, just go to the Jali wardrobe designer and read through our helpful guide before you start. This will give you a good idea of the possibilities. Our modular wardrobe range is a very sensible, affordable answer to insufficient – or badly designed – storage.

And knowing how the female of the species can end up taking up a bit more than her fair share of the available wardrobe space (yes, I’m guilty!) a new, spacious, purpose-designed Jali unit might mean the males in the household getting back some decent-sized space of their own… maybe!


The perfect storage for everything in your life!

Wherever you are, whatever kind of stuff you have in your life, Jali makes it easy to get the perfect storage for everything. This week I’ve been going back through our design records  to see how our customers have been using Jali, and I’ve been bowled over by their inventiveness and skill. They’re using the free online Jali Designer to create all kinds of brilliant things and putting them in all sorts of places.

RichardH_flexi_2_750Take our very popular Flexi shelving (above, in a customer’s photo). It can be designed to hold DVDs, CDs, books, files and vinyl, with shelves at exactly the right distance apart for each format, so not an inch of space is wasted and things don’t fall over. Filing boxes, baskets, toys, musical instruments… you name it, Flexi shelves can hold it. And many have been designed as TV and media units.

But, as one of our customers did recently, you can also make a tall, narrow Flexi shelf unit with lots of shelves for footwear – a shoe tower! Or a tall thin bookcase for the top of the stairs, or a short, wide one to go under the eaves… the possibilities are endless. Your Flexi shelf can stand on the floor, as below, with a kickboard at the base and sides that are straight or with a recess cut out, so the unit fits snugly over your skirting. It can slide into alcoves, be mounted on a wall or sit on top of a cupboard or radiator cabinet.

i107prima1Upstairs, downstairs and even under the stairs, Jali furniture never fails to make an impact.

It’s at home in bedrooms and bathrooms, living and dining rooms. kitchens and utility rooms, studies and halls. It’s in hobbies, games and dressing rooms, nurseries – and even an orangery or two!

Our furniture is also being used in schools, shops and offices, for filing, storage and display.

And interior designers particularly love our products, as they can adapt, customise and finish them to fit in with all kinds of decorative schemes. They also appreciate that they are easy to deliver and install, even when access to properties is awkward.

It’s clear that lots of our clever customers are just quietly getting on and using Jali in exactly the way it was intended. They are creating their very own, unique storage to suit their situations and needs, in the privacy of their own homes and offices. Although the Jali team is always ready to give advice, most of our customers seem to be very happy to do it themselves, and send their orders straight through to our automated manufacturing system.

I was particularly struck by the way people are combining different Jali product types to make amazing composite creations.  A radiator cabinet with Flexi shelves above, as already mentioned.  A dresser next to a Flexi shelf unit of the same height. Flexi shelves above a cupboard, or created in multiple units to make stunning painted or veneered wall storage. And skilled DIYers have also achieved amazing results with the addition of MDF shapes and doors to various Jali products – we can’t provide a free design service for this kind of enterprise, but are always impressed when it happens!

Looking more closely at the range of designs we’ve received over the years has been a very encouraging experience. So if you’re thinking about creating your own Jali furniture, take confidence from the many satisfied customers of all ages and occupations and from all over the UK and the rest of Europe, who’ve done just that. If they can create the perfect storage, we are sure you can too! Go on, give it a go…


Three cheers for real wood veneers!

Maybe it’s because we can finally get out into the fresh air without having to wrap up like seafarers or polar explorers, but the sight – and smell – of real wood currently seems to be having a moment. In the last week or two I’ve noticed some major advertising campaigns that are really going to town (or should that be country?) in promoting the beauty of different kinds of wood, for all kinds of uses.Jali bespoke oak dresserLovely though painted surfaces are, there’s something about the look and feel of wood that connects us to the natural world. And using it in furniture is a great way to bring the outdoors inside, so we can enjoy its warmth and beauty all year round.

Since we introduced real wood veneers in oak and walnut at Jali they’ve been incredibly popular, and for good reason. At the moment we only provide them on certain products, but we’re planning to make more available soon.

Currently you can design radiator cabinets, dressers, fretwork panels and decorative shutters in real oak veneer, and wardrobes, cupboards and Flexi shelving in real oak or walnut veneers. Wardrobes can also have a part-painted and part-veneered finish. Just design your unit in veneer, save it, then contact us and we’ll make the necessary changes.

Jali bespoke Flexi shelving in real walnut veneerYou can also choose this option for our new range of dressers/wall units/sideboards, exclusively available at the link here.

Units are available in white or beige primer, ready for you to paint in the colour of your choice, or with a top-coat already applied. Or we can supply them in real oak or walnut veneer, or even painted carcasses with veneered top boards.

Both the oak and walnut veneers are smooth to the touch, with a fine grain; when sniffed, they even have the authentic scent of something that’s come from a real tree! And as it’s genuine wood, each piece has its own unique markings – you’ll never find this on cheap, printed laminates.

Oak (below) is a popular choice for modern interiors – ours is pale and interesting, and goes with a wide range of interior colours and textures. Walnut (above) has a darker, bolder, more dramatic hue, with beautiful figuring; as with oak, this is dependent on the grain of the wood and the way it has been cut.

Jali oak veneer radiator cabinetThe combination of painted and wood veneered surfaces is a brilliant way to introduce a dash of Scandinavian, country-meets-town sophistication to your décor. And, of course, you get a fabulous mix of cupboard, drawer and shelf-space, to hide or display all manner of stuff.

So three cheers for veneers! Whether it’s pale oak or rich walnut, ours create a real impact and make an unforgettable statement about taste and quality. The only problem is choosing…


Folding screens – flexible and fabulous

As an ideal introduction to the wonderful world of Jali DIY furniture, why not design your own unique folding screen? You’ll have a beautiful, versatile piece you can use anywhere in the house – and it folds flat when not needed, thanks to the special hinges we supply with your screen. They also make it possible for the leaves to fold either forwards or back, so you can change the angles,  and thus the length, to suit. Maximum flexibility in every sense of the word!

White Jali folding screenAs folding screens are freestanding, not fitted, there’s no pressure to get the measurements exactly right. And assembly is so simple – you only have to fit the hinges and your screen is complete!

The online Jali Designer makes it easy and fun to create your own screen – click here for examples to start you off.  You have a choice of up to six leaves, plus different patterns, tops and bases.

They are really popular with designers and stylists – and no wonder. I’ve already written here about Coco Chanel’s obsession with screens, but only today we sent one off to Woman and Home magazine to be used in an upcoming article.

Our screens are also fantastic value for money. A while ago World of Interiors magazine showcased a Jali screen together with several others, all of which were more expensive than ours. In fact, one cost a stonking £7500, and most of the others came in at several thousand pounds. By contrast, a 1500mm high, 3-leaf Jali screen, like the one above, would only set you back around £144, plus the cost of the paint…

red Jali bespoke folding screenPaint your screen to suit your colour scheme, or design one with solid leaves and cover it in a complementary fabric or découpage… the choice is all yours! Solid screens can be painted with a brush, but we recommend application by spraying for fretwork, as the finish is better – see our online video for tips.

Jali green folding screen So, whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece, a designer accent or a delicate way to add charm to a room, Jali folding screens have it all wrapped  it all up for you. We’ve also heard from our contacts in the interior magazine world that the Fusion look, with its varied cultural influences, will continue be strong throughout the coming autumn and winter. So don’t hide your talents – get ahead of the fashion pack and start designing your own gorgeous creations now…