A Seventies remix you’ll love this Easter weekend!

The big interior trends for 2016 include: wait for it… the Seventies! Ah, the decade that taste forgot, according to my other half. Smoked glass, flowered Crimplene, beige flares – in fact, just check out Abigail’s Party and you’re pretty much there. Who’d have thought anyone would willingly bring such delights back? But it’s being remixed, refreshed and pared back to a style that leaves out the tat and concentrates on the funk – and the fun!

Because let’s not forget, the 70s gave us disco and funk (yay!), as well as some truly hideous shades of orange (boo!). It gave us progressive (prog) rock too – I still have my original, vinyl, bought-in-the-seventies copy of King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King, much to my partner’s scorn. (I’ve tried telling him it’s one of esteemed DJ Danny Baker’s favourite albums, but he won’t listen. Not to me, or the disc. Ah well, his loss.)

House Beautiful 2016 Decorating TrendsSo back to interiors. If you’re too young to remember the original era, or if even if you do, and are still determined to give it a go, here’s some advice from House Beautiful (left).

“Limit the palette to two colours [for a] contemporary sophisticated edge. Choose leather seating in brown and tan and geometric flock wallpaper in a neutral shade to make it work in more subtle and coordinated room schemes.”

And there’s one standout tip: “dark walnut cabinetry”. Rather than using bright colours on walls, says House Beautiful, use this moody, elegant wood and accent it with bright flashes of tangerine and fuschia pink “through artwork, lighting and cushions.” Sounds much easier to live with, and of course Jali can create all the lovely walnut cabinetry your heart desires.

In fact, it’s one of our specialities. It’s smart, sophisticated – and a fraction of the cost of similar pieces on the high street. And it will look equally good once the 70s fad has faded.

Jali soft-close drawer in walnutSo why not plan a makeover with a retro vibe over this long weekend? Go on, you know you want to! Put on something from the era to get you in the mood – Rod Stewart’s Maggie May, Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry or Let’s Stay Together by the superb Al Green are particular favourites of mine – and get cracking (sorry!) on an Easter Parade of retro gorgeousness. A Seventies remix will cheer you up, make your room pop, and put you in the mood for a brilliant spring and summer. Cheers!


Linda Barker chooses Jali for her Traditionally British Ideal Home!

LINDA-BARKERWe’re thrilled that one of TV’s  favourite interior designers, Linda Barker (left), has chosen Jali furniture for her Traditionally British Home at this year’s Ideal Home exhibition at Olympia, London.

We made a dresser for the lounge and a wardrobe for the master bedroom, to Linda’s designs. Both can be seen in the house, which is sponsored by Thomas Sanderson, from today, Friday 18 March, to Sunday 3 April.

Linda’s aim is to highlight new trends, designs and colour palettes in a real-life setting, showing how you can “revive your interior with a 21st century twist”. But in her ‘Traditionally British’ decorating scheme, she has also included recycled and junk market finds, to show that it’s not all about big-time spending and splurging. And for the Jali team, that’s a message we support all the way.

Ideal Home Show logo 2016No, you don’t have to rip everything out and start again every time you fancy a change in your surroundings, or when things start to look a bit tired and past their best.

As Linda knows, Jali is a great way to design brilliant pieces that won’t break the bank but will make all the difference to a room. So here’s how she did it…

Jali bespoke dresser by Linda BarkerThis is the dresser as shown in the online Jali Designer…







Jali dresser designed by Linda Barker for the Ideal Home exhibition 2016

And on the right is the finished piece. We’re adding more images as they come in…








Here’s the stylish master berdroom, below, with the Jali wardobe on the left:

IMG_5956And here’s the exterior of the house, below – visitors have already been queuing to visit the rooms, including the Boho Girl’s bedroom, Boy’s Safari Room and even a Teenage Girl’s Woodland Retreat!



Home improvement made easy

Getting on with it, making things look, feel and work better – we humans seem to have an inbuilt urge for many kinds of positive action, including homne improvement. Self-help or self-improvement became “a thing” in the Victorian era, while home improvement had to wait until the 20th century to really get going. Sadly, some of the DIY skills needed on this front are looking a bit, well, lacklustre at present. As are many bank balances.

Jali bespoke furniture(By the way, is ‘Lacklustre’ the name of a paint colour yet? Can only be a matter of time…)

I’ve been using the term “Modern DIY” a lot recently, as I think it sums up the Jali way of doing things. So I was curious to see what other versions were out there. I must admit I got a bit of a shock.

There are some extraordinary, nay, terrifying images and finished projects on the interweb, under the banner of DIY. For a taste of what I mean, have a look at 101 DIY Projects How To Make Your Home Better Place For Living (Part 1). You’ll need to scroll down for the full impact…

A quick Google search will throw up hundreds more, including thousands of ideas for reusing pallets, and covering rhubarb leaves with concrete to make garden stepping stones…

Now, I’m sure these transformations have been done with love, pride and sincerity, and are giving their owners a lot of pleasure. Each to their own.

But if you’re looking for home improvement that’s a little less, er, extreme, Jali has the perfect answer to those “I can’t stand this any longer – we HAVE to do something about x, y or z, WITHOUT spending a fortune” blues. We give you the (online) tools to do a brilliant job of designing your own fabulous, bespoke furniture. Just like those 101 DIY projects, it’s your choice, your dimensions, your taste.

Jali bespoke decorative shutters and sideboardSo what else does a Jali project mean? No more weekend fighting to get into the car-park of a retail giant (whenever it rains, my local one gets flooded, just to make it that bit more challenging). No more heartsick realisations that cabinet makers and joiners need to actually come into your house and build stuff, there, on-site, so they have to, quite properly, charge you a lot for their skills, labour and materials. (And, as I say, come into your home. Quite a lot.)

To get started on your own easy home improvement project, just visit the Jali website. Browse our products page, mooch around your place and see what would work there. Our products solve so many problems, look gorgeous and will make you as proud as any of those pallet-users and rhubarb concreters…



DIY style special – inspiration and tips from Rock My Room!

Two of the lovely folk at the (very stylish) RockMyStyle blog recently asked us to make a cupboard for a living room. And we did just that. It was for a refurbishment project called Rock My Room and we were delighted to help. You can see in detail just what Lauren and James did with their Jali flat-pack kit here.

Jali bespoke cupboard during assembly (from Rock My Style)Here’s the cupboard being assembled, before the doors went on.

On the blog, Lauren says, “on the  left hand side of the faux chimney breast there was an empty space which was being filled by our lack-lustre TV cabinet.

We felt the space was crying out for a hefty bit of storage where we could store CDs, DVDs and all sorts of technical regalia.”

Although the Jali cupboard is obviously new, along with a few other purchases, cherished, upcycled and ‘found on eBay’ pieces played a big part in this transformation. That’s another reason why we love it; it’s obviously been carefully thought through and carried out with real attention to detail – and budget!

(While we’re on the upcycling/recycling issue, even the House of Lords was discussing it this week, except they called it the circular economy, which is not exactly the sexiest or even clearest description, And, hey, it’s only taken them, what, 50-odd years to get round to it? Good grief.)

This week, we had the big reveal: this is what the room looks like now: beautiful, no?

lauren-new-living-room-6_750There’s a wealth of ideas, inspiration and tips on the Rock My Style site, with an emphasis on sharing information and expertise with readers. (And interior design is only part of the story: fashion, make-up and recipe addicts, like me – you have been warned!)

(While we’re on the upcycling/recycling issue, even the House of Lords was discussing it this week, except they called it the circular economy, which is not exactly the sexiest or even clearest description, And, hey, it’s only taken them, what, 50-odd years to get round to it? Good grief.)lauren-new-living-room-7_750Anyway, at Jali we love what the Colemans have done. And many thanks also to Lauren for letting us use these ravishing photos – there are lots more on Rock My Style: The Reveal, so do have a look. I often bang on about how great it is to see our furniture in place, in people’s actual homes, as often the last we see of it is in pieces, in parcels, just before it leaves our workshop. But this has to be some of the nicest feedback ever. So, as I say, grab a coffee and have a long, lingering perusal.

lauren-new-living-room-29_750So far, Lauren hasn’t been able to find the perfect (affordable) handles she dreams of for her Jali cupboard. But given her record of success so far, I can’t see them eluding her for long… Enjoy your gorgeous new room, you two!