Holiday weekend: time for a new wardrobe!

Ah, May Bank Holiday, the perfect time to swop out your wardrobe – in both senses. What with those recent icy temperatures, wind, rain and snow (snow!!) it’s not surprising winter woollies and coats are still in use. But now, with some sun (we hope!) and a long weekend ahead, let’s get wardrobe happy!

If we’re talking updating clothes-wise, we can’t help – sorry. But if your bedroom storage space is less than practical and far from chic, we have almost unlimited answers. And as it’s Jali, everything is made-to-measure and designed by you, for you.

Jali wardobe designed by Linda BarkerNow, designer/stylist Linda Barker certainly knows a stylish wardrobe when she sees one.

She personally designed a gorgeous Jali piece (right) for the recent Ideal Home exhibition’s Show House.

One of the great things about Jali is that you can design the outside to fit the look of your bedroom perfectly.

This is the finished wardrobe in the Ideal Home exhibition Show House, below.

Jali wardrobe designed by Linda Barker for the Ideal Home exhibition 2016But even a gorgeous-looking wardrobe can be a total disaster inside. There’s nothing worse than one that has the wrong kind of storage or hanging space, with everything in the wrong place or at the wrong height.

So long garments get creased at the bottom, and then you can’t see the shoes you’re storing down there, and there is wasted space at the top. Or there’s nowhere to store bulky items like jumpers, which are much better folded and kept on shelves as they take up far too much room in drawers, and hanging them pulls them out of shape. And on, and on… (For more tips on culling an over-stuffed closet, as our American cousins call it, have a look at the Man Repeller blogpost here.)

Here’s a peek inside Linda’s double wardrobe design:

Linda Barker Jali wardrobe - internalIt’s all there: compartments/shelves for shoes or woollies, and space-saving double hanging space for shirts/skirts/trousers as well as for long garments. The ‘box’ on the other side could have been a ‘mirror’ of the first one, or a totally different arrangement, as here. And you can have as many boxes as your space allows.

So assess your needs, clothes and space over this long weekend. Imagine how much easier, nicer and more organised life would be with an well-planned, efficient, beautiful new Jali wardrobe on your team. Be dressy, not messy – what a great motto for all of us this May bank holiday!


Good Homes puts our bookcase on the front cover!

Good Homes magazine May 2016A beautiful bespoke bookcase from Jali is on the cover of Good Homes this month. And on a couple of inside spreads too, as the magazine celebrates spring and suggests fresh ideas we can use to brighten up our interiors.

Grey is still a key colour, but the palette does seem to be lightening up, with the introduction of soft pastels and subtle textures. This look won’t be to everyone’s taste (perhaps too girly/bedroom-y for some?) but it’s definitely an improvement on the greige that has been all the rage for a while now.

The stylists chose a simple, minimalist design for their bookcase, but more elaborate styles are easy to achieve using our brilliant online Designer. As with all our products, a unique look and personal-to-you sizing is all part of the Jali service.

Good Homes May 2016So if you’re in the mood for something soft, soothing and subtle, with fantastic storage capacity and gorgeous looks, nip over to the Jali website. You’ll be joining thousands of satisfied customers, among them bloggers, journalists, stylists and interior designers. They’ve all discovered the Jali secret: brilliant design and quality at a great price, with you deciding the size, storage capacity, finish and fit.

Good Homes May 2016If any of these looks take your fancy, grab the May issue of Good Homes before it sells out – it’s got lots of other good stuff too, from high-end to High Street. I’ve already spotted some great storage ideas that you could achieve with a bespoke product from Jali at a fraction of the cost…


Shelving makeover magic: fast, frugal and fabulous!

At Jali we are big fans of Kimberly Duran, whose Swoon Worthy blog is full of DIY decorating inspiration and ideas. Having recently completed a major dining-room makeover, she’s now got another project: finally finishing her kitchen.

IMG_6289As seen in these shots by Kimberly, it looks pretty fine to us right now, but the girl is nothing if not a perfectionist. So she’s planning to replace tiles, worktops and sink, paint her cupboards and a few wee things besides, I imagine. Just writing this makes me want to go for a little lie-down.


One thing Kimberly still seems happy with is her Jali Flexi shelving, which makes us very happy. And she’s managed to give them a whole new look without major effort or expense. Her secret? Putting decorative paper on the wall behind the open shelves. And she’s now done it twice.

Here’s the original paperless version, just after the Flexi shelves went up in 2011:IMG_1190You can find lots more on the installation here. And here’s the shelving with Kimberly’s first wallpaper choice: Dining-Room-Kitchen-Matching-GreysAs her dining room and kitchen are connected to each other through a large doorway between the rooms, Kimberly likes to use co-ordinating colours in her decorative schemes, as shown above. This helps the spaces flow into each other, so they are tied together rather than jarring. So this pattern worked beautifully at the time.

20140622_143948Then the ever-energetic Kimberly revamped the dining room and things changed again.

So in the kichen a bright floral Designers Guild wallpaper (the DIY equivalent of new shoes or bags `- lovely!) replaced the grey. Here’s the update in progress, (right).

As the previous surface was sound, Kimberly wisely decided to paper over it. As long as you remove anything loose and and stick down any bad seams, there is absolutely no need to take the original paper off.

IMG_7914And the newly-papered shelves in use: a brand-new look, with minimum work and expense, as only one roll was needed and the remaining paper was used elsewhere.

Kimberly also has some valuable DIY advice for the rest of us, from hard-won experience. She was dreading the forthcoming struggle but: “This time, instead of trying to squeeze the wallpaper in big sections behind the unit, I decided to cut the paper into opening-sized segments so that the seams met behind the shelves and with the wallpaper being a ‘paste the wall’ product, it was SO easy to use. Oh my god, no bubbles, no tearing, nothing. This stuff goes up like a dream!!”

That’s good enough for me: it’s ‘paste-the-wall’ every time for me now… There are more lovely ‘before and after’ shots on Kimberly’s blog here. And here is the girl herself, in front of her Jali radiator cabinet – obviously a woman of impeccable taste!



Catch the decorative shutter bug this spring!

As we head into spring, what could be nicer than windows with a whole new look, thanks to a Jali decorative shutter? With no complicated fixtures or mechanisms, our  shutters are simple to design and fit. We make them to the exact width and height that you choose, for a beautiful, bespoke finish that you won’t get anywhere else.

Jali bespoke shuttersDecorative shutters on the inside of windows can transform a room – and at a very reasonable cost.

Incoming sunlight (and I’m pretty sure we’d all like some of that at the moment) is dappled and diffused, but privacy is maintained.

Jali’s beautiful, precision-cut fretwork makes our shutters particularly attractive.Some of our patterns are inspired by Indian palaces and Moroccan mashrabiya panels, and, though we say it ourselves, the overall effect is absolutely gorgeous. It’s even more sumptuous if you use the same fretwork for radiator cabinet grilles, or doors for cupboards and wardrobes.

For a less exuberant, more restrained look, go for slatted panels. And don’t forget that our fretwork comes in a choice of real wood veneers, as well as primed ready for painting. But whatever mood you’d like to create, it’s important to measure accurately so you get a really good fit; there’s plenty of help with this on the Jali website.

Jali bespoke shutters at windowThe shutters themselves are made from up to five hinged leaves that concertina flat to the side. They can cover the whole window or just the lower half, from one or both sides. So if you hate the view across the road, design your shutters to go high enough to cover it up. Then you’ll still be able to see the tops of trees, sky or other more attractive elements than whatever you’re faced with over the road. Clever, eh?

With most of the fretwork patterns you can also choose to have up to five panels on the leaves – this can increase the rigidity of the shutters if you are covering an extra large window, or just want to change the way your shutters look.

When it comes to fitting your shutters, it’s really straightforward. Pre-drilled fixing strips  are already attached to the sides of the shutters. Also in your package you’ll find plastic  rawlplugs, size 6-10 and screws which are 3.5mm x 40mm long with a countersunk Pozi head.

If you’re fixing to a wooden frame, you’ll only need the screws. We advise making pilot holes in the frame with a bradawl (designed especially for the job – just insert in the wood and twist) or a small drill bit; this will make it easier to screw in the fixing strips. For wall fixing you’ll need a 5.5mm drill-bit for the rawlplugs which hold the screws,

In next to no time you’ll be enjoying a whole new view on the world – so nip over to the Jali website, and let the dappling (and sunlight) begin! Happy designing…


Radiator covers: smarter, sleeker, safer

Radiator covers are still, after more than 20 years, Jali’s top-selling products. They are being ordered every day, in every size imaginable, with grilles in all kinds of our signature fretwork. They hide ugly heaters, transform them into stylish features and make them safer for young and old alike, as no-one can accidentally touch or fall against a hot radiator.

Jali bespoke radiator coverNow, a confession. I have to admit that before I saw a Jali cabinet (left), I was definitely not a radiator cover fan.

Admittedly, the few I’d actually seen in real life were of the cheapest ‘off-the-shelf’ variety, made from chipboard or some other not-very-nice material. I was not impressed.

Or they were versions which couldn’t have been purchased in any store: more obviously made of wood, they were (or appeared to be) bespoke, made and fitted by someone who had least considered the radiator’s size and setting. And I was still not impressed.

It was usually to do with the proportions and the grille pattern. To my eyes, they were always distinctly ‘off’ – mean, awkward, often just plain ugly. I found myself trying to peer in at the poor radiator trapped underneath, to confirm my suspicions that it would have looked better uncovered.

Jali bespoke radiator coverEven when I joined Jali, it took me a while to change my mind. But, up-close and personal, I couldn’t deny that the quality of our covers was high, and the online, made-to-measure aspect brilliant. And the fretwork and other detailing is superb. The more examples I saw, the keener I got. And I wasn’t the only person who saw them – and was converted.

From girly and pretty, to streamlined and deco-style, there really did seem to be something to suit any and every style and room. As long as you allow the minimum clearance around your appliance, you can also extend the measurements to improve the proportions or correct an off-centre radiator on a wall. (There’s a great example of this, and the Jali-made solution, on the Swoonworthy blog here.)

Jali radiator coverOver 20+ years, we’ve made radiator covers for all sorts and styles of buildings, from Gothic churches nestling in the countryside to ultra-modern apartments in central London. As Kimberly Duran from Swoonworthy says, “Who knew a radiator cover could make such a difference, eh? Jali have some gorgeous designs”. Thank you Kimberly – we’re getting dizzy from all the curtsying!

So, if you want to transform your radiators from “Meh” to marvellous and make them safer for your nearest and dearest, you know where to go: the Jali radiator cabinet page on our website. You could say we’ve got the whole radiator scene well and truly covered…