Happy and peaceful holidays (and a modern DIY New Year!)

img_2331_750Well, 2016 was quite a year, for so many reasons. At Jali, we’ve all had our individual responses to world affairs. But as a team, we can honestly say we have never had such wonderful feedback from our lovely customers.

It’s fair to say that we’ve been amazed and delighted in equal degrees. By your enthusiasm, delight and pride in your achievements. By the fantastic photos and detailed accounts of projects you’ve sent in. And by the way you’ve used our products to create your own, personal, totally individual interiors. Go you!

It’s been a joy. So if you haven’t joined in yet, and are lucky enough to have some holidays coming up, why not try modern DIY, Jali-style? Here are some ideas for making 2017 the year your home gets some real Jali crackers of its own…

  1. Try a combination of open shelves and storage behind drawers. Our clever customer Kevin showed how in last week’s blog. Simple but stunning, and very, very practical.

Jali bespoke wardrobe2. And don’t forget that our brilliant wardrobe Designer, used so effectively by Kevin, is also perfect for other kinds of storage beside clothes, shoes and bags. It’s great for utility rooms, for example.

Jali bespoke radiator cover3. Jali radiator cabinets are SO simple to design and put together. Start your modern DIY adventure with them, to give you confidence and familiarize you with the Jali cam-and-bolt assembly system. You also get a built-in shelf – extra storage space that will prove invaluable, we promise. It also means you can hang artwork and mirrors above your heating with no danger of warping or cracking. So get, er, cracking!

img_2302_7504. Another first product for those just dipping their toe in the modern DIY pool is our fabulous Flexi shelving. Versatile, easy to design and assemble (I put my first set together in the Jali factory really quickly without assembly instructions – yay!), they really are wonderful. Ideal as room dividers, either permanent or temporary, and great partners for Jali fretwork too!

5. Once you’ve taken the plunge, don’t panic. The free online Jali design system lets you create, modify and save almost infinite numbers of designs. You can also send them to friends and family for second (or more opinions). At Jali, we understand how nerve-racking it can be to design your own furniture. So you can always contact us for professional but friendly advice. Send us an email over Christmas and New Year, and we’ll get back to you once the office is open again on Thursday 5 January.

In the meantime, have yourself a merry little (or big!) festive season… from all of us – including the Jali robots – cheers!


Bigger, better wardrobe? Yes please!

“You’re going to need a bigger wardrobe.” That was the message in an online company’s advert recently, tempting us with their fashion range. The rascals…

Of course, there is nothing like the Christmas party season to encourage a bit of sartorial splurging. But all those new togs have got to live somewhere, and few of us are disciplined enough to follow the “one in, one out” system of keeping things under control. Well, I’m certainly not…

Jali bespoke wardrobe So when I saw our customer Kevin’s photos of his amazing walk-in wardrobe installation I was seriously impressed. A bigger, better wardrobe? Yes please! There was a LOT of swooning (might even have been some drooling) and some serious storage envy.

Below, a shot of the main section, with a Jali radiator cover on the left and showing one of the units with open shelves (seen on the left in the photo above):

Jali bespoke walk-in wardrobe: main section Below, the end section with hanging space and drawers:

Jali bespoke wardrobe: interior viewI’ll let Kevin take up the story of this stunningly successful project, while I go and do a spot of ironing….

“We have previously used Jali for radiator covers and had always been very happy with the end results. When we extended our house, a new walk-in wardrobe room was attached to the main bedroom. We took some quotes from professional designers/installers but at the same time I began tinkering with the Jali wardrobe designer – it soon became clear that, with a little effort, we could get exactly what we wanted from Jali at far less cost.

Given the size of the project, the savings were substantial. We could also keep adjusting and checking the design in a way which we could not with a professional designer. Having finalised the plans, Amy at Jali helped us to adjust the final few details and check over everything. We could also order skirting boards for the walls to match exactly the skirting on the wardrobes.”

As Kevin says,”This was a very large design – the main section is nearly 6 metres long, 80 cm deep and 2 metres high.”

Here’s a photo of the main section in the Jali factory, before the door panels were glued into place. We assemble large units like this before packing and despatch, to make sure everything will fit together perfectly when customers receive their kits.

Jali bespoke wardrobe in the Jali factory You can just see those open shelving areas Kevin has designed; this is a brilliant way to store items such as handbags and scarves, and is definitely worth stealing.

Kevin decided to get some help with the assembly. “We had two people in who spent 3 days putting it up and a further three days painting. The way in which the units are constructed is very straightforward. As expected, everything fitted together to the final millimetre – we didn’t have to trim or adjust anything. The drawers in particular are excellent quality.”

Here’s a close-up of just some of those drawers – aren’t they gorgeous?

Jali bespoke wardrobe: interior view“The total weight of the wardrobes is over 900Kg(!) but this means that the finished units are extremely sturdy with absolutely no movement or fixing to the floor/wall required. We are delighted with the finished result, and even with the labour costs, the total cost to us was half the price quoted by professional designers and installers.”

That is so good to hear, Kevin. But you have also created a great design, and shown how easy it is to get everything you want with Jali: the furniture of your dreams, a beautiful, professional result and a substantial saving in costs.

So if Kevin’s story has got you thinking along similar lines, the Christmas/New Year period could be the ideal time to get planning. These big projects do take some time to get right, but as Kevin has shown, it’s more than worth it.

Kevin was also kind enough to wish us a happy Christmas and New Year too. Thank you, and we wish the same to you and everyone – here’s to peaceful and enjoyable celebrations for us all…


A world of home design, from laid-back to lavish…

Variety makes the world go round; just imagine what a boring place it would be if we all liked the same thing. At Jali we think it’s our differences that make us interesting and keep us on our toes.

It’s the same when it comes to home design, so we give you a huge choice of dimensions and details, to fit your home and your taste perfectly. And with just a touch of DIY know-how you can create in so many styles, from cool and classical, as in this elegant wall unit

Jali made-to-measure wall unitto ornate and opulent, such as this radiator cover in fretwork pattern 2082:

Jali bespoke radiator coverIt’s really easy to get started. Just browse the Jali product range, choose an example and then try all the possibilities. It really does pay you to play with the system before you finalise your design, as the online Jali Designer has a world of home design options tucked away behind its buttons. They vary from one product to another, so click away to see those options on-screen, and just pick the ones that suit you.

And if you need some inspiration, there are lots of examples of customer projects in this blog, with more coming up soon. We’re constantly amazed and delighted by the success stories our clever clients have completed, and their joy at having created their dream pieces is always a joy.

So have a go – we think you’ll be surprised at what you and Jali can do together…


How to solve a BIG storage problem – with Jali

i304abannerEver thought “I’d really like to sort out the clutter; not a quick fix, but for good. And I’d like our storage to look great too, and suit our house – and us.”?  Well, let me introduce Brian. Brian and his wife recently moved from a larger home in Staffordshire, where they’d lived for around 18 years, and relocated to a beautiful cottage in Hawkhurst, Kent.

But there was a flaw in paradise, they discovered. “Like most house moves and scaling down, we found that we had far too many belongings that did not fit in our new home and a distinct lack of storage. We spent some considerable time searching without success for bespoke furniture that met our storage needs and did not require a ‘second mortgage’.  We were about to give up when by chance a local soft furnishing shop in Cranbrook recommended a company called Jali, whom they had used.”

As a first step, says Brian, “We looked at the Jali website and drew up some initial designs on its design package. We liked what we saw and decided the next step was to visit their premises in Barham, Kent so that Jali could help us develop our ideas. During that visit we looked at a number of options that would meet our needs, both from a storage aspect and also to house our numerous books.”

Brian was determined to see this project through to the end, despite the fact that period properties can have drawbacks as well as lots of attractive features.

“As with many older houses, walls, floors and ceilings are not always as true and square as modern day builds and guidance was needed as to how the Jali design package could deal with this. Over the coming weeks we spent time reflecting on our requirements, amending measurements and details, finally, with the help of the Jali team, we settled on the dresser that you see below.”

Completed Jali bespoke storage unit, emptyThe cupboards after the plinth was levelled:

Jali bespoke cupboards after levelling the plinthTrim was added to the cupboard skirting to cover the gap caused by the uneven floor:

Trim added to Jali bespoke cupboard skirting to cover gap to floor… and the shelving installed:


The couple installed and painted the entire unit themselves, and even notched the top section so it would fit snugly round the beam on the ceiling (below):

Jali bespoke dresser notched to fit round a beamFinally, the unit is finished and filled with books and treasured objects; Brian’s photo, below, shows the unit with the continuous run of cupboards extending under the window to the right-hand wall.







And a shot by Helen from Jali, below, when she went to visit the cottage recently:








And the verdict? Back to Brian…

ice_0009_350“The dresser was well manufactured, it is extremely sturdy and well engineered with everything fitting together perfectly first time. We are so pleased with the end result.

We have nothing but praise for the Jali team who were  extremely helpful and competent in translating our needs and supporting us through the process.

Both my wife and I will most certainly order more furniture from Jali and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

Well thank you Brian – we’re obviously delighted that we’ve helped you solve your storage problem, that you got exactly what you wanted and that you’re so happy with the result.

Once the unit was finished, Helen, our operations manager, went to visit Brian and his wife and took some photos of the unit – and it does look wonderful. To create something similar, try our kitchen dresser designer, available at the link here.

Brian told Helen that he was pleasantly surprised to find the prices of our products cheaper than those of our competitors. And he is so pleased with the quality of his unit, he’s planning to come back to us next year for some wardrobes. Keep an eye on the blog, Brian, as I’ll be featuring another customer’s rather fabulous built-in wardrobes in a couple of weeks. They just might give you some ideas…