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Welcome to Jali!

We are a small British manufacturing company. You design your furniture online, then we make it to your exact specifications in our high-tech factory (right) in the heart of Kent.

On the Jali blog we shall be posting helpful guides and tips for interior designers and DIYers, as well as information about all our newest features, products and improvements. Plus, we hope, lots of other interesting stuff…

Nicholas Showan is the founder and MD of Jali Ltd; seen on the left with one of the factory’s robots, he is constantly thinking, inventing and making, as well as doing all the other things involved in running a business in the 21st century. He also laughs, a lot. We’ll be interrupting him from time to time to get him to share his stories, views and ideas.

Annie McNamara, left, clutching the power drill, will be the one nagging Nicholas to contribute. She will also be doing most of the blogging. Annie has a background in art and design, and is helping with marketing and PR. She still can’t quite believe that a company like Jali actually exists: “It’s the perfect combination of design, technology, excellent customer service and a lovely team, all working to provide brilliant products that people really want and need. And all without screwing up the planet…”

Other members of the team will also be adding posts from time to time, including Jim Reid, below, whose IT wizardry puts the Jali Designer online and keeps it working efficiently. 


We hope you enjoy at least some of what we’ll be posting – and we’re really keen to receive your comments and ideas.

The Jali team

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