Bookcases in real wood veneers are here!

This year, the autumn foliage of the trees around the Jali building has been spectacular. Those vibrant hues seemed even more precious for knowing how short-lived the display would be – all that splendour would soon be – literally – blown away by November’s chilly winds.

Jali bespoke bookcases in real oak veneerLuckily, the Jali way of capturing nature’s beauty produces something much more long-lasting. So if you fancy bringing a touch of it indoors, our real wood veneers are just perfect. What’s more, you can now order our brilliant bookcases in walnut or oak veneers too, instantly updating your décor and giving you lots of lovely shelf-space.

Bespoke Jali Flexi shelf unit in real oak veneerSo as well as cupboards, drawer units, dressers, wardrobes and Flexi shelving in oak (left) and walnut finishes, our equally gorgeous bookcases in real wood veneers is the answer to a multitude of storage and display needs.

And give a whole fresh look to your home into the bargain…

To select the new bookcase veneer finishes, just click on the product link and choose an example to customise.

Then click the ‘Colour’ button on the left of the screen and you’ll see the choice of available finishes.

As before, you can also choose the position of the unit; freestanding or fitting between two walls, or a left- or right-hand wall.

For manufacturing reasons, there are some limitations to the details we can offer when you choose the veneer option, but the unique and individual marking of the grain actually looks better when used in a less ornate design.

Bespoke Jali bookcases in real oak veneer, designed to fit against walls

Once assembled, your bookcase just needs a suitable protective coating and it’s ready to use! Sophisticated but simple, and all set to take your books, objets d’art or anything else you want to store and display. Before you know it, all those Christmas presents will be in the house, just waiting for somewhere to live. And this could be the year when you finally have more than enough places to put them. Now wouldn’t that be something to raise a toast to!


How to tame your home tech – with style!

Yes, modern technology is brilliant, but have you noticed its not-very-pretty habit of taking over any space it’s put in? Well, we have ways of helping you tame your tech and take it, quickly and easily, from dominant to delightful.

Take big, black flat-screen TVs – depending on where and how they are positioned, our Flexi shelving, deluxe dressers or cupboards can put them in their place, in the nicest possible way. Less diva, more darling.

Jali bespoke Flexi shelving unitIf your big TV is wall-mounted, you could ‘frame’ it with one of our brilliant Flexi shelving units, as seen above in our revamped showroom (yay!!) Quick to design and fit, a modern wall unit will transform a boring wall into a stylish talking point, and lessen the visual impact of a TV by grouping it with other objects. And, of course, with Jali you can design the compartments in your unit to show off all those items to their best advantage.

Jali bespoke Flexi shelf unitAs Flexi shelving units have no back panels, they’re perfect for fitting flush against walls; just use the ‘Base’ button on the Jali Designer to switch from ‘Floor-standing’ to ‘Wall-mounted’.

One option is to use trunking to hide TV wires and cables, and cutting away part of the shelving to allow for this – several customers have told us they have successfully done this. It’s a bit of extra DIY, admittedly, but nothing too difficult. Or, if you are having substantial building work done at the same time, it might be possible to recess the wiring completely… (And no, this is NOT a recommendation to start such a project. As if!)

Jali bespoke Flexi shelf wall-mounted unitAs big flat-screen TVs are heavy, neither do we recommend using a Flexi shelf unit as the only support for one of these monsters. If you do want to stand the TV on a shelf, use our kitchen dresser Designer instead, to create a more substantial and safe base. Despite its (current) name, our latest designer can also create amazing floor-standing units and sideboards that make perfect cinema and media centres.

As these units are very substantial in their materials and construction, it’s fine to stand a large TV on a shelf or on top of a sideboard. You can even extend the sides of the unit (effectively making a unit with an inset back) to cope with electrical sockets and other obstructions on the wall behind the unit. The Designer also lets you add cabling holes in the back panel, so cords and cables stay tidy and out of sight. All this design wizardry is totally free to use and available here.

dsc_0002_enhanced_750Finally, don’t forget our simple but smart cupboards – they can also be used to stand a TV screen on, with other components hidden away behind the doors – lovely stuff!

So whether you’re hooked on footie, the foot-stamping Victoria or hot-footing it with Strictly, we’ve got your back, helping you tame your home tech, and making it more stylish. And if Poldark ever footles around with 18th century DIY, you’ll hear it here first. Promise.


Our new furniture showroom is now open!

At Jali we’ve been busy making ourselves some new furniture for our brand-new roomsets, in our totally-transformed showroom. Yes, we’ve taken our own advice and decluttered, designed and done ourselves proud (in a modest way, of course!)

Jali bespoke furniture in our showroomWe have some more changes up our sleeve, but the showroom is, in my humble opinion, a genuine show-stopper. Helen, our Operations Director, led the rest of the brilliant Jali team in the renovation but also got well stuck in herself with paintbrushes, rollers and a lot of hard graft.

Jali bespoke alcove unit in our showroomSo here’s a taste of what is waiting for you if you decide to pay us a visit – and we really hope you will. There is only so much photography can do to show how fabulous this furniture really is. I took these quick shots earlier this week, but a professional shoot is in the diary.

Jali bespoke Flexi shelving and shutters in our showroomNow it’s finished, the showroom is the perfect way to experience the full Jali effect; the quality, construction, appearance and overall impact of our products often takes people by surprise. (In fact, in the pre-makeover showroom, I remember a friend coming in after I’d recommended a visit, and her jaw literally dropped when she saw our furniture “for real”. She was so impressed she designed and ordered a large bookcase then and there.)

Contact us for the address, directions and to confirm opening times, which are normally Monday-Friday between 9 and 5.30, except for Bank Holidays and around Christmas. Have a look at at our products page, then bring your measurements with you and you too can design and order your very own pieces on the spot! We look forward to seeing you soon…


Radiator covers – making it modern!

If you thought radiator covers were just for traditional room settings – think again! At Jali, we’re currently having a showroom makeover, and have just created radiator cabinets, plus some chic shutters, to finish a light, bright, modern room in appropriate, uncluttered style.

Jali bespoke radiator covers and decorative shuttersWith this front grille pattern, the Jali Designer gives you a choice of vertical or horizontal bars for your cover. And you can pick different styles for top and base, depending on the look you prefer. On our Radiator Cabinets page, no. D52825 has the same design as the cabinets in our photos (above and below), with a square-cut top vent and matching skirting at the base. Here’s a shortcut to this design; click the ‘Customise’ button to get going straight away!

Jali bespoke radiator coverHowever, using the Jali Designer you can easily change the square-cut base for one with curves – just use the ‘Skirting’ button. Now for the top vent: choosing an Ethnic or Classic upright on the Jali Designer will change the shape to one with curved ends, to echo the skirting at the base.

However, for a modern interior you may prefer plain uprights, but still want a curved vent. If so, just contact us and we’ll make the change at our end, then send you a drawing so you can see exactly what the final design will look like. The photo below shows a scooped top vent and skirting, plus the horizontal version of the grille:

Jali bespoke radiator cabinetAs well as looking great in contemporary interiors, this is a brilliant addition to Art Deco style schemes – just use the ‘Grille’ button in the Jali Designer to pick pattern 7692. And, of course, you can choose a top-coated finish (again, just contact us) as well as priming, oak or walnut veneer. And who would believe it was so simple: measure, design, order, assemble. Now there really is no excuse for a less-than-lovely room, whatever your style preference. Modern or moderne, 21st century or 1920s: too terribly chic, darlings – cheers!


Luxury looks even on a modest budget, with Jali

With Jali, you can get luxury looks even on a modest budget, but we do know that our products are used by many celebrated and successful interior designer for some very prestigious projects. We had news in this week of a Georgian townhouse conversion in Edinburgh with a Jali connection. Siobhan Mooney – one of the Telegraph‘s ‘Best 20 interior designers in Britain’ – has used our fretwork to stunning effect in the A-listed house, for bespoke doors, just seen below on the right.

Obviously no expense has been spared overall to achieve a luxurious finish. But this is an idea anyone can steal, as part of a major makeover or a quick, one-room refresh. And, crucially for most of us, it won’t break the budget. You can either choose Jali made-to-measure doors with fretwork insets, or use our fretwork panels as part of the joinery work, as Siobhan’s team has in the A-listed town house.

gc2id[1]750You can see other views of the Georgian conversion on Siobhan’s website. Using fretwork in doors, such as those in the cloakroom above, is perfect for combining decorative pattern with just enough privacy. It’s also ideal for areas where ventilation is essential, such as boiler/heater enclosures.

Here’s a just-cut batch of fretwork panels I snapped in the Jali workshop, in a variety of sizes and patterns (not something most people would want to try at home, I’d imagine):

Jali bespoke fretwork panelsYou could also use textiles, such as silks or velvets, as a backing for doors with fretwork panels. This can work beautifully on wardrobes or bedroom cupboards, for example, to create a really sumptuous effect with very little effort. Stretch the fabric taut, then use textile adhesive or staples to hold it in place. And if you change the décor, just switch the fabric – simple!

Jali panels have been used as screens in restaurants, film sets, stage designs museums and exhibitions, as in the specially-commissioned installation at the British Library below:

blscreenThe possibilities for luxury looks are endless, even without a whopping budget. Lots of our customers have already used panels in all kinds of imaginative projects, and without spending a fortune – we’d love to hear about yours!


Linda Barker chooses Jali for her Traditionally British Ideal Home!

LINDA-BARKERWe’re thrilled that one of TV’s  favourite interior designers, Linda Barker (left), has chosen Jali furniture for her Traditionally British Home at this year’s Ideal Home exhibition at Olympia, London.

We made a dresser for the lounge and a wardrobe for the master bedroom, to Linda’s designs. Both can be seen in the house, which is sponsored by Thomas Sanderson, from today, Friday 18 March, to Sunday 3 April.

Linda’s aim is to highlight new trends, designs and colour palettes in a real-life setting, showing how you can “revive your interior with a 21st century twist”. But in her ‘Traditionally British’ decorating scheme, she has also included recycled and junk market finds, to show that it’s not all about big-time spending and splurging. And for the Jali team, that’s a message we support all the way.

Ideal Home Show logo 2016No, you don’t have to rip everything out and start again every time you fancy a change in your surroundings, or when things start to look a bit tired and past their best.

As Linda knows, Jali is a great way to design brilliant pieces that won’t break the bank but will make all the difference to a room. So here’s how she did it…

Jali bespoke dresser by Linda BarkerThis is the dresser as shown in the online Jali Designer…







Jali dresser designed by Linda Barker for the Ideal Home exhibition 2016

And on the right is the finished piece. We’re adding more images as they come in…








Here’s the stylish master berdroom, below, with the Jali wardobe on the left:

IMG_5956And here’s the exterior of the house, below – visitors have already been queuing to visit the rooms, including the Boho Girl’s bedroom, Boy’s Safari Room and even a Teenage Girl’s Woodland Retreat!



Made-to-measure furniture – a Christmas gift for your home!

Jali customised productsAlthough we’re reluctant to mention Christmas too early, we wanted to let you know about this year’s Jali “order by” date for made-to-measure furniture, so you can get organised.

Now is the time when lots of us decide to smarten up our homes to welcome friends and family for the festivities.

And having enough storage, to tidy our own stuff away, to make sure visitors have space for the things they bring, and to help the house look its best, is key.


To ensure you get your new Jali furniture in time for Christmas, you’ll need to order by the end of Monday 7 December.

Over the years we’ve had many emails from customers saying Jali products, customised to fit perfectly, have really made their Christmas. So if you want to give your home the best gift ever, get out that tape measure and get cracking!

Our top tips on for measuring-up

One of the things that makes people anxious about made-to-measure furniture is the need to measure-up. We totally understand these worries. So here are some tips to make you feel more confident.

1. If you are fitting Jali furniture into a space such as an alcove, your measurements need to be accurate to ensure a good fit. So you may find it easier to use millimetres rather than inches. It may seem a bit weird at first, as it did to several of us when we first started working at Jali, but it’s our preferred way of measuring now.

2. If you use inches to measure the width or depth of your space, you may end up with something ending with, say, 8/16ths or 13/16ths of an inch. As the Jali computer-controlled cutting system works in millimetres, it has to translate inches, including those pesky 16ths, into mm. And as a 1/16th of an inch is bigger than a millimetre, total accuracy is impossible, and you’re much better off working in mm.

3. So it makes sense to use mm to begin with, and as our brilliant (and, unlike me, highly numerate) designer Jim says, you’ve only got whole numbers to deal with, and no fractions. Hooray! Even if you use centimetres, you may end up with a point-something, such as 227.6cm, and I prefer not to have anything that reminds me of school maths lessons messing up my head while I’m trying to finalise my design, thank you very much.

Jali made to measure dresser4. On the other hand, although it’s made-to-measure, our freestanding furniture, such as hte dresser above, doesn’t have to be an exact size – it’s entirely up to you to decide what you need and what will looks good in your home. So if you’re more comfortable measuring in ins or cms, that’s fine. As I said, the online Jali Designer uses millimetres by default, but you can easily change this to inches or centimetres. Just use the drop-down menu under “Measurements” on the bottom-left of the Jali Designer screen to change the settings.

5. Get yourself a decent tape measure. I bought myself a big, shiny new one with clear markings and a really good lock that doesn’t suddenly spring back and trap my fingers. It wasn’t the cheapest in the store, but I love it and it’s made a huge difference to my confidence – and accuracy.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get measuring! Just remember – for delivery in time for Christmas, order your new Jali furniture by the end of Monday 7 December. It will be the best Christmas present your home has ever had…


Solid (slab) doors now online at Jali!

We’re very grateful to our ezine reader Sally, who contacted us to ask where she could find the doors featured in the picture (below). Solid doors were already an option on our new luxury dresser, sideboard and wall unit designer, available at the link here, but, thanks to Sally, we realised that they weren’t actually available on the ‘Doors’ section on the Jali website. Whoops. And we’re sorry if you’ve spent time looking for them there.

Jali bespoke doorsWell, Sally, and everyone else who prefers solid – or ‘slab’ doors, as they’re also known – you can now have your wish, as our lovely designer Jim has added them to the mix!

To design your doors, go the the ‘Doors’ page of our website or use the link here. Then just click on the ‘Customise’ link on Design  (top row, far left). This will open the Jali Designer. Click on the ‘Grille’ button, select ‘Solid’, and you’re done!

This style of door is ideal for creating a sleek and totally contemporary look. You can add holes, on either side, recessed for concealed hinges, at the exact position you need to fit on existing carcasses or for new installations. Easy, economical and so effective…


Space-saving ideas from Jali

Space-saving ideas are worth their weight in gold – but with Jali you don’t have to pay a fortune to make them real! Our unique approach to making space work for you means you can have all the storage you dream of, at an affordable price.

Jali bespoke combined radiator cabinet and shelvingOur radiator cabinets include a handy shelf as part of the design, but if you have a wall above your radiator, why not make the most of it? There’s now a quick and easy way to design a combined radiator cabinet and bookcase online – our new Jali radiator/shelving Designer is available free at the link here.

Just measure your radiator – there’s a “Help with measuring” button on the screen – and enter the numbers or drag the arrows until you get the right size. Then press “Next” and the Designer will automatically create a cabinet with the minimum clearances needed for the size of your radiator.

Now press “Next” again and, as if by magic, the Designer will add shelving above your cabinet. We’ve even made it easy to design storage for popular formats such as CDs. And if you want to customise the bookcase section yourself, there are buttons for instantly adding or subtracting shelves and for making them evenly spaced or graduated, as seen below – even more Jali magic!

Jali bespoke radator cabinet and bookcase unitYou can extend the width of your unit, but the Designer will only go up to a maximum of 1200mm. If you’d like something wider than this, call us on 01227 833333.

If you change the measurements of your combined unit after you’ve put in your radiator sizes, it’s a good idea to use the ‘Back’ button to check there is still enough clearance for air flow. Just press the ‘Inside’ button to see a picture of your radiator with the frame of the cabinet around it.

Jali radiator cabinet/bookcase Designer – inside viewThe minimum overall depth of the bookcase section is 200mm, so this means the cabinet cannot be less than 200mm in depth; the Designer will automatically add sufficient clearance. But you’ll also need at least 30mm between the far left and right-hand side of the radiator (including the taps or valves) and the frame. There also has to be at least 70mm between the the top of the radiator and the underside of the frame.

Jali bespoke desk and Flexi shelvingJali’s unique Flexi shelving is another brilliant way to fit storage into almost any space in your home or office. For example, fill a wall with compartments of different sizes.

Then extend the unit above and/or under a window or door, for a bespoke run of shelving that would be impossible to find in any store.

In fact, unless you build it yourself from scratch or bring in a carpenter or joiner at great expense, it’s impossible to get the kind of design and quality that Jali offers you. It’s made-to-measure made easy!

A single unit can be made up to 3 metres in width and height, for truly stunning and seamless furniture that makes the most of every last inch of space. And your unit can be primed, top-coated or finished in beautiful real wood veneers in oak or walnut.

Depending on your needs, we can make you a long, low sideboard, or a tall and handsome wardrobe. Together, we can produce a customised cupboard for a group of guitars or a stash of shoes. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room – if your stuff is in the way, or crying out for display, we can solve all your space problems, beautifully (and economically)…


Shelve your storage problems – in style!

A home can never have too much storage – it’s the law! With Jali‘s brilliant online design tools, you can put shelving for absolutely anything, almost anywhere. In fact, you could say that being on the shelf has never been so desirable… With our help, you can shelve your storage problems for good, save money and make your home look wonderful, all in a few simple steps.

Jali bespoke white dresser and bookcase As well as our bookcases and Flexi shelving, we’ve got a new, online luxury furniture designer, available at the exclusive link here. This makes it easy to combine shelf-space with cupboards and soft-close drawers, to create elegant units, like the one below, that solve all your storage problems, in style. And because you are buying directly from us, the manufacturers, you’ll definitely save money; as we don’t have middlemen or retail costs, we don’t pass those costs onto you. Sweet!

Jali bespoke white dresser in alcoveWe can also make you happy by providing a top-coat for most of the Jali products you buy. Less fuss, mess and hassle all round, and it means your furniture will be ready to use, and enjoy, that much faster. Now if that isn’t a good reason to fall in love with Jali, I don’t know what is…